Lu Zijia didn’t care about his attitude and took her hand back as if nothing had happened.

“I know, but this case concerns the life and death of one of my family members, so I have no choice but to try to get involved with the investigation.
Please accede to my request, Team Leader Zheng.”

Before coming here, Mu Yunhao had briefly investigated the person in charge of the museum case, so Lu Zijia knew that the man in front of her was Zheng Bin, the team leader of the Ancient Martial Arts Group.

Zheng Bin frowned.
“Familymemer? What do you mean?”

“Something happened at the museum yesterday and two of my family members were among them.
One of them is called Yi Shiyuan.
He’s my uncle.” Lu Zijia explained simply.

“Yi Shiyuan.” Zheng Bin nodded slightly, indicating that he knew this person.
“But I’m still sorry.
I can’t let you participate in the investigation without the permission of the higher-ups.”

Although Zheng Bin understood, he didn’t agree just like that and still followed the procedures.

Lu Zijia seemed to have expected this outcome and wasn’t disappointed.

“Maybe the higher-ups will allow it soon.” Lu Zijia smiled meaningfully.

Before coming, Lu Zijia also called Luo Baode in addition to investigating the person in charge of the case.

Lu Zijia said that she trusted Luo Baode’s ability very much.

As for Luo Baode’s exasperation on the phone, she completely ignored him.

“Then let’s talk about it after you get permission!” Zheng Bin said and was about to turn around and return to the museum.

However, he had just taken two steps when his phone suddenly rang.

After hanging up, Zheng Bin turned around again and looked at Lu Zijia with a complicated expression.

Meeting his gaze, Lu Zijia smiled back.

However, in the next moment, her chin was gently pinched and she turned to the side.

“???” Seeing her man’s enlarged handsome face, Lu Zijia was a bit dumbfounded, apparently not understanding what he was going to do with his sudden move.

“You can only smile at me, Wifey.” Mu Tianyan’s voice was faint, but there was an almost imperceptible warning in it.

Lu Zijia: “…” Her man was jealous.

Mu Yunhao: “…” He was so full from this PDA!

Zheng Bin: “…”

Were these two really subordinates? Something didn’t seem right.

In the end, Lu Zijia and the other two were still let in.

After they all went in, the resolute policeman guarding the door suddenly said, “Hey, don’t you think that Lu Zijia looks very familiar?”

The other policeman nodded.
“She does look familiar.
I just thought I wanted to see her somewhere… Right! I remember now.
Isn’t she Master Lu?”

The policeman’s exclamation made the resolute policeman suddenly recall who she was.
“Right, right, right, it’s that Master Lu who knows how to make skincare products.
My wife admires her!”

“My girlfriend is the same.
She even showed me Master Lu’s photo often.
I actually didn’t remember it just now.
What a pity!” The man said in frustration.

If he remembered it earlier, he might have been able to buy two boxes of whitening facial masks from Master Lu.

Thinking of the mission given to him by his girlfriend, his companion, the police officer, immediately regretted it even more.

The resolute policeman, on the other hand, was furious with himself.
“Ahhh! Oh no, oh no.
If my wife finds out that I was lucky enough to meet Master Lu but didn’t ask for her autograph, I’ll definitely be punished to kneel on the washboard again.”

The other policeman: “…” Fortunately, his girlfriend was gentler and only drove him to the living room to sleep…

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