“I’m fine.” Du Xiangjun raised her hand and pinched the space between her eyebrows.
She shook her head, indicating that she was fine.

“How can you be fine? Look at your face now.
People who don’t know might think you’re seriously ill!” Seeing that she didn’t care about her body, Du Jinli couldn’t help feeling a bit angry and spoke a bit more aggressively.

“Second Brother, I’m really fine.

Du Xiangjun knew that he was concerned about her, so she wanted to try her best to show that she was really fine.

However, before she finished speaking, Du Jinli interrupted her.
“Alright, you haven’t rested for a day and a night.
You haven’t eaten much either.
Even if you’re made of iron, you won’t be able to stand it.
Go home and rest first.
Eldest Brother and I will help you look after him, alright?” Du Jinli said helplessly.

Du Xiangjun pursed her lips and shook her head slightly, obviously not wanting to leave the hospital.

“Ah, seriously.” Du Jinli was helpless against his sister, who had always been stubborn.

“Second Brother, I know you treat me well and care about me a lot, but… but I’m really worried about Shiyuan.
I can’t sleep even if you let me go back and rest.” Du Xiangjun’s already slightly red eyes immediately turned even redder.

The Du brothers immediately fell silent, their eyes full of helplessness and heaviness.

“The doctor said that Shiyuan still has a chance to wake up.
Xiao Jun, you…” Du Jinqian was silent for a while and wanted to comfort his sister.

Before he finished speaking, Du Xiangjun nodded and said firmly, “I believe Shiyuan will definitely wake up.
Even… even if he really can’t wake up, I’ll still watch over him for the rest of my life.”

Towards the end, Du Xiangjun’s voice was a bit choked, as if she was trying hard to hold back something.

The Du brothers frowned slightly when they heard that, as if they didn’t agree.
They opened their mouths and wanted to say something, but Du Xiangjun didn’t say anything in the end.

At this moment, footsteps came from the empty corridor.

The three of them turned their heads and were surprised to see the two people.

“Why are you here?” Seeing Lu Zijia and Mu Tianyan, Du Xiangjun quickly turned her head and wiped her eyes, then asked in confusion.

In order not to let Lu Zijia worry about her, Du Xiangjun didn’t tell Lu Zijia that something happened to Yi Shiyuan.

They were naturally surprised to see her now.

“Mom, why didn’t you tell me that Uncle Yi suddenly fell unconscious?” Lu Zijia walked over and said a bit helplessly.

At the same time, she inadvertently placed his hand on Du Xiangjun’s shoulder and quietly sent spiritual power to her to relieve her fatigue.

Du Xiangjun, who was worried about Yi Shiyuan, didn’t feel anything strange about her body.

Hearing what her daughter said, she couldn’t help looking apologetic.
“You’ve been busy recently.
I can’t make you worry again.”

She also knew that her daughter was studying brewing wine and taking back the Zhong family’s business for the Du family.

That was why she chose not to tell her daughter about this, so that she wouldn’t worry again.

“Mom, you’re wrong.
I’m your daughter, and Uncle Yi is about to become my father.
As a daughter, what’s wrong with me worrying about my father?”

Yi Shiyuan was a very good man.
Most importantly, he was devoted to Du Xiangjun.
That was enough.

So, she approved of Yi Shiyuan.

Now that her mother was finally about to have her own happily ever after, something like this happened in the end.
She couldn’t possibly ignore it.

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