“You… You bastard, how dare you still be so stubborn? I’ll beat you to death!” Seeing that Lin Kedong actually wanted to escape, Mr.
Lin immediately became furious again.

After slapping him, he even kicked him, as if he really wanted to beat this useless son to death.

“Hubby, Hubby, stop making a move.
If your old habit acts up again, it’ll be fatal.
What should I do if something happens to you?”

Lin quickly stopped Mr.
Lin and reached out to comfort him, afraid that something would happen to him.

“If I die, it’s because I’m angered to death by this unfilial son!” Mr.
Lin shouted angrily.

Even though Mr.
Lin didn’t want his son to go to jail either, things had already come to this point.
If he didn’t teach his son a deep lesson, there might be a next time.

His son had already ruined one girl’s life.
He couldn’t ruin another.

Thinking of Yao Lefei, Mr.
Lin blamed himself even more.
If he had controlled his son more, perhaps today’s tragedy wouldn’t have happened.

The Lin family owed Lefei her life!

“Dad, Dad, I beg you, please help me again, okay? Dad, I beg you! That woman has my photo in her hand.
If she takes out the photo, I’ll never be able to clear my name.
Dad, I really didn’t kill Lefei.
It wasn’t me!” Lin Kedong, a man, was covered in tears and snot at this moment.
He was in a sorry state and didn’t have his usual demeanor at all.

“Photos? What photos?!” Mr.
Lin caught the keyword and asked sternly.

At this point, Lin Kedong didn’t dare to hide anything anymore and told them everything.

“It was a woman before me who instigated me to kidnap Lefei.
She was also the one who found the kidnapper.
I’ve already told her not to hurt Lefei.
But… Who knew that one of the kidnappers actually liked Lefei and wanted to do something to her? Lefei refused and was accidentally strangled to death by the kidnapper.
When I… When I rushed over to see Lefei, Lefei was already dead, but they said that I was also involved in killing Lefei.
They pressed my hand against Lefei and even took a photo.
Just yesterday, that woman even threatened me with the photos and asked me to give her 30 million yuan to keep quiet.
Otherwise, she would post the photos and ruin my reputation.”

“Dad, I really didn’t want this to happen.
I didn’t know things would turn out like this.
I really didn’t know!

“Dad, I really know I’m wrong.
Please, please save me.
I don’t want to die.
I don’t want to die!”

Lin Kedong hugged Mr.
Lin’s thigh and kept begging.

“Thirty million?”

Lin suddenly thought of something and slapped her son on the head.
“So you asked me for thirty million just to pay the hush money.
You… You’re a bastard! Do you really think those people will let you go after you give them the money? Let me tell you, dream on! If you give it to them once, they’ll only pester you for the rest of their lives and blackmail you endlessly.
You stupid son, why are you so stupid? Are you stupid?” Mrs.
Lin poked her son’s head with her finger, as though she wanted to poke a hole through it.

Lin Kedong didn’t dodge and looked up at Mrs.
“Mom, I know I’m wrong.
Mom, help me beg Dad.
Please save me, Mom.
Mom, I’m begging you!”

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