Lu Zijia shrugged and spread out her hands.
“I usually don’t subdue ghosts.
I only send them to be reincarnated.”

“Then send her to reincarnate quickly!” Mrs.
Lin hurriedly urged.

“Master Lu knows what she’s doing, you don’t have to tell her what to do!” Mr.
Lin frowned and scolded Mrs.

Lin immediately turned to Lu Zijia with an apologetic look.
“Master Lu, I’m sorry.
She’s so agitated because she’s scared.
Please forgive her.”

“It’s fine.” Lu Zijia waved her hand casually.

The fact that the three members of the Lin family didn’t faint from fright was already considered a strong psychological endurance.

It was completely normal for Mrs.
Lin to be so agitated.

“Let’s talk somewhere else!” Lu Zijia glanced at the messy dining room and said to Mr.

“Alright, Master Lu, this way please.” Even though Mr.
Lin didn’t know what Lu Zijia wanted to talk to them about, he still invited her to the living room respectfully.

“Yao Lefei is still in the Lin family.
She’ll only reincarnate if you help her seek justice, by finding the person who killed her,” Lu Zijia sat down and said directly.

“What? She’s still here?!” Mrs.
Lin, who had just sat down, suddenly stood up again because of what Lu Zijia said, not hiding the fear in her eyes at all.

“Don’t worry.
As long as you help her bring her murderer to justice, she won’t do anything to you.” Lu Zijia rubbed her ear helplessly, as she endured Mrs.
Lin’s high-pitched shrills.

“Even the police can’t find the murderer, how are we going to help her find him?” Mrs.
Lin looked like she was about to cry.

Lin didn’t say anything, but one could tell from his frown that he was in a difficult position about this matter.

Lu Zijia smiled and didn’t say anything.
Instead, she looked at Yao Lefei.

Yao Lefei seemed to understand what Lu Zijia meant and quickly told her how she was killed.
As she spoke, she didn’t look at Lin Kedong, as if she was already completely disappointed in him and had no feelings for him.

After hearing what Yao Lefei said, Lu Zijia sighed again in her mind. The aristocratic circle is so messy!

“Ask your son.” Lu Zijia raised her chin and pointed at Lin Kedong.

“Ask our son? Why are you asking our son? Our son doesn’t know who the kidnapper is either!” Mrs.
Lin retorted instantly, feeling that what Lu Zijia said was ridiculous.

On the other hand, Mr.
Lin seemed to have thought of something and looked at his son sternly.

As soon as Lu Zijia said that, Lin Kedong’s face, which had just relaxed, turned extremely pale again, and the temperature of his body instantly dropped by more than half.

“No, your son knows.” Lu Zijia shook her head and stared straight at Lin Kedong with her bright eyes.
“Am I right, Mr.
Lin Kedong?”

Lu Zijia’s gaze seemed to be able to see through people, making Lin Kedong feel pressured.

“I… I…” Lin Kedong lowered his head, not daring to meet the gaze of everyone present.
It was obvious that he was avoiding her gaze and showing a guilty conscience.


Seeing his son like this, Mr.
Lin immediately felt that his guess might be true.
He couldn’t help but slam the table angrily and stand up.
“Lin Kedong, tell me, why would you know who the kidnapper is?”

“What are you doing? Even if our son knows who the kidnapper is, you don’t have to be so agitated!” Mrs.
Lin held Mr.
Lin’s hand tightly.
Seeing him shout at her son like this, she immediately couldn’t help but defend him again.

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