Lu Zijia thought quickly in her mind and thought of a good explanation.
“It’s not that it can discharge electricity.
I know a technique that can generate electricity through it.”

Lightning spiritual root + spell = cultivation technique.

Well, there was nothing wrong with this explanation!

Taoist Mu Qing looked surprised.
“There’s such a technique?”

“Yeah!” Lu Zijia nodded without changing her expression, looking as sincere as possible.

However, at this moment, the golden pagoda suddenly said, “Master, your bullsh*t skills have improved again!”

Lu Zijia’s forehead throbbed and she resisted the urge to slap the golden pagoda.

The golden pagoda, this b*stard, actually said that its master was talking nonsense.
It was simply… too rude!

Even though it was the truth, did it have to be so blunt? No!

“It seems that I’m ignorant.
I didn’t know that such a magical technique existed in this world.” Taoist Mu Qing looked amazed, apparently believing Lu Zijia’s nonsense.

Lu Zijia touched her ears and stuffed an apple into her mouth, feeling a bit guilty.

She actually fooled an old man.
What a sin!

“Oh right, disciple-in-law, why are you catching ghosts? Isn’t alchemy more interesting?” Taoist Mu Qing suddenly remembered the topic that he was thrown into a corner for no reason before and said to Lu Zijia earnestly.

Seeing that Taoist Mu Qing didn’t continue asking, Lu Zijia was secretly relieved.
It was quite stressful to bluff an old man with a straight face.

“Master, I think catching ghosts is more interesting.” Lu Zijia replied seriously.

Even though refining pills was very profitable, she couldn’t forget to increase her strength.
After all, becoming stronger was the most reliable thing.

For example, if one had the ability to refine pills but was only at the level of a rookie, they would definitely be captured and enslaved to refine pills in the cultivation world.

So, in order not to be caught and become free labor, improving her strength was still very important.

“Why would catching ghosts be more interesting? Disciple-in-law, think about it.
Not only is it time-consuming to catch ghosts, but you might also get injured if you’re not careful.
That’s not worth it!” Taoist Mu Qing said earnestly and persuaded her.

Lu Zijia blinked and said seriously, “But the furnace will also explode when you refine pills.
The furnace will be injured when it explodes and the furnace will be blown up.
You’ll suffer heavy losses!”

Taoist Mu Qing: “…” Even though that was the truth, why did it sound a bit wrong?

“Oh right, Master, in order to reduce my losses, I’ve decided not to refine pills for the time being,” Lu Zijia said as she took out a few jade bottles from her body.
“Master, these are the last bottles of pills I have.
These pills can only be exchanged with White Steel Stones.
Thank you, Master.”

Taoist Mu Qing: “!!!” She stopped refining pills recently? Was she serious?!

Thinking of his old friends who coveted the pills on him every day, Taoist Mu Qing only felt a headache.

Other alchemists wanted to stay at home and count their money comfortably, but his disciple-in-law, as an alchemist, actually found it more interesting to catch ghosts outside.
She really… made him, her master, not know what to say.

Taoist Mu Qing still wanted to persuade her, but when he looked up… Where was his disciple’s wife?

“Silly old man, you’ve been fooled by Master again.” The golden pagoda, which was still eating apples, let out a gloating meow.

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