Lu Zijia could not help but feel very excited when she thought of this possibility.

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Ancient Space was her trump card.
Thanks to Ancient Space in her previous life, she managed to become a Golden Core Level Master so quickly.

Well, the most important thing was that she had placed all of her properties in that space!

Excited as Lu Zijia was, she did not get too reckless because there was still a man watching her.

She had been thinking a great deal across her head, but these thoughts only lasted for a few seconds

After thinking for a short while, she was still aiming at Mu Tianyan.

“Why do you want to kill me? You should know that I was thrown here because someone set me up!”

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“We are in the same boat.
What about just dropping this matter, both of us at the same time?”

Lu Zijia had never begged anyone in her previous life, even before she became a Golden Core Level Master.

But she knew how to be flexible.
As long as she was alive, she could always regain her self-esteem!

“You are the first person to dare to point a gun at me.
Why should I drop this matter so easily?” Mu Tianyan sneered at Lu Zijia’s plee as coldness dominated his black eyes.


Lu Zijia was speechless.
“You are also the first person who dares to aim at me with a gun too.
We are even!”


Alright, guns weren’t a thing in Cultivation World, let alone anyone who would dare to do that to her!

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Before Mu Tianyan spoke again, Lu Zijia added, “Alright, I can offer something more as compensation.
What about curing your legs?!”

Having said the words, Lu Zijia looked at Mu Tianyan in a way as if she had been taken advantage of.

That was the second time Lu Zijia had mentioned curing Mu Tianyan’s legs, and she seemed very confident as well.

Mu Tianyan squinted at Lu Zijia as if he were examining something.

According to the information he had about Lu Zijia, it did not show that Lu Zijia had any knowledge of medicine.


However, Lu Zijia seemed so confident at the moment that Mu Tianyan could tell that she was not pretending.

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Without hearing an answer from the man, Lu Zijia started to feel that the cold water was becoming less effective.
She could not help but frown and feel annoyed.

Lu Zijia was about to say something when the man said, “You know what put me in this wheelchair?”

“I don’t,” Lu Zijia answered without much thinking.

Seeing the man frowning out of fury, she added in a natural tone, “How would I know when I haven’t checked your legs?”

“Anyway, let’s make a deal.
I will cure your legs, and you will spare my life!”

“I know you don’t believe what I am saying now…”

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“But after I examine you, you can kill me if I am wrong,” Lu Zijia said as she instantly stood up from the bathtub.
However, she did not put down the gun because it could possibly keep her alive.

Apparently, she did not trust Mu Tianyan because he did not trust her.

Hearing Lu Zijia making the decision herself, Mu Tianyan did not object.
Somehow he had a faint feeling that the Lu Zijia in front of him was able to cure him.

During the past twenty years, his feelings had helped him escape many troubles and calamities.

Therefore, he trusted his own instincts.

However, when Mu Tianyan saw Lu Zijia rising from the bathtub, his pupils contrasted all of a sudden.

The extinguished flame inside his body was on the way to be ignited again.

Before Lu Zijia was tricked and taken here, she had been carefully dressed up, wearing a well-selected, white, knee-long dress with double shoulder straps.

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