“Those kidnappers are really heartless and heartless.
They even killed a pregnant woman.
Aren’t they afraid of being struck by lightning and going to the eighteenth level of hell after death?” Thinking of her lost grandson, Madam Lin’s eyes were full of anger and she looked like she hated those kidnappers to the core.

Lu Zijia glanced at her with a strange look, but she still didn’t say anything in the end.

She could tell from Mr.
and Mrs.
Lin’s faces that the two of them weren’t fated to have grandchildren.
In other words, after Lin Kedong’s generation, the Lin family would have no descendants.

As for the one in Zhong Jiajia’s stomach…

Lu Zijia shook her head and couldn’t help but exclaim inside again, “The lives of rich people are so messy.”

“Master Lu, is there a problem?” Seeing Lu Zijia shake her head, Mr.
Lin asked anxiously.

“Nothing.” Lu Zijia shook her head and reminded him, “Don’t touch the things in this room before the matter is resolved.”

Although Mr.
and Mrs.
Lin were puzzled, they still agreed.

After going downstairs, Lu Zijia took out the Safety Talisman and the Exorcizing Talisman.
“Even though the malicious spirit isn’t here, your house is full of evil energy.
It’s not good for your body if you stay here for too long.
But in case those two evil spirits notice something, I won’t deal with the murderous aura first.
Of course, for the sake of your health, I have a plan.
See if it suits you.
I have four Peace Talismans and four Exorcizing Talismans here.
The Peace Talismans can protect you a few times.
The Exorcizing Talisman can dispel the Yin energy that has invaded your bodies and prevent problems from happening to your bodies after being contaminated by the Yin energy.”

“How much is it for each of these two talismans?” Hearing what Lu Zijia said, Mrs.
Lin felt a chill in her heart again and she shrank her body subconsciously.

Lu Zijia, who was waiting for her to say this, smiled slightly.
“It’s not expensive.
Just 200,000 yuan each.”

Even though she was already a billionaire after giving her man’s net worth to her, how could she complain about having too much money?

Besides, she had no relationship with the Lin family at all.
If she gave it to them for free, it wouldn’t be in line with her style at all!

“What? 200,000 yuan each!” This was a daylight robbery! Of course, Mother Lin didn’t dare to say that.

After all, they were still counting on Master Lu for their family’s matters.
If they offended her, their family would be the ones to suffer.

“Yeah, it’s very cheap, right? I already think it’s cheap.
Unfortunately, not many people can afford it.” Lu Zijia looked so distressed, as though she was truly suffering a loss, that Mrs.
Lin’s forehead ached.

In fact, there were still a lot of rich martial artists, but those martial artists were more inclined to buy pills, so the price of talismans was never high.

That was also the reason why people thought that alchemists had the best future.

“I’ll buy all these talismans.” Mr.
Lin said.

Lin trusted the Special Administration Office a lot and he wasn’t worried that the talismans Lu Zijia took out were fake.

Even though Madam Lin’s heart ached, she didn’t object for the sake of her life.

After buying and selling the talismans, Lu Zijia planned to leave.

Lin confirmed again and again that Lu Zijia would come immediately after the two evil spirits appeared before she let Lu Zijia go reluctantly.

After Lu Zijia walked out of the gate of the villa area, she saw Zhong Jiajia, who was supposed to go for lunch with Lin Kedong.

Lu Zijia raised her eyebrows slightly, but she wasn’t surprised to see her.

“Master Lu.” Zhong Jiajia walked over with a sweet smile.
“I think Master Lu hasn’t had lunch yet, right? I know a good restaurant nearby.
I wonder if I have the honor of treating you to a meal?”

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