“She’s not at our house now? So she was here before?” Hearing Lu Zijia’s reminder, Mrs.
Lin wasn’t relieved at all.
Instead, she was even more scared.
“I told you I wasn’t suspicious.
Yao Lefei’s ghost really came back!”

Lin’s expression changed again and again.
In the end, he sighed.
“Master Lu, is our daughter-in-law really back?”

Lu Zijia gestured at the long black hair in her hand to the two of them.
“If the owner of this hair is your deceased daughter-in-law, that malicious spirit is indeed your deceased daughter-in-law.

“However, there wasn’t only one malicious spirit that appeared in your Lin family, but two.”

“W-What? Two?!” Mrs.
Lin’s voice suddenly rose sharply.

“That’s right, two.” Under Mrs.
Lin’s terrified gaze, Lu Zijia nodded affirmatively.
“From the looks of it, those two evil spirits have no intention of killing you at the moment.
As for the future… I don’t know.”

There was another strange phenomenon that Lu Zijia didn’t mention, which was that the objects that Mrs.
Lin had spooky encounters with didn’t have any Yin energy on them.

If the fierce ghost really used mirrors, televisions, faucets, and so on to scare Mrs.
Lin, those things above would be tainted with obvious Yin energy.

This meant that the two ghosts weren’t the ones who scared Mrs.
Lin these few days.

If it wasn’t done by a ghost, it could only be done by a human.
Then again, it might really be Mrs.
Lin’s imagination.

“Then quickly subdue those two ghosts.
You’re a Taoist Master.
You can definitely help us subdue the ghosts!” Mrs.
Lin said anxiously.

Lu Zijia shrugged and spread out her hands.
“I just said that the malicious spirit isn’t in the Lin family.” So, where was she going to find ghosts?

Of course, she could also track Yao Lefei through the things she used most often when she was alive.
But the problem was that she didn’t know who the other ghost was, nor did she know how the other ghost was related to Yao Lefei.

If the two ghosts had a good relationship and she only tracked Yao Lefei down, the other one might hide and wait for the opportunity to help Yao Lefei take revenge on the Lin family.

If the members of the Lin family were still killed by the malicious ghosts, her mission would be considered a failure.

If the mission failed, the Director would have a reason not to let her continue handling the case.

Such a thing must never happen.

So, she should play it safe and wait for those two ghosts to return first.

If they didn’t come back after a day or two, she would track them again.

“Then what should we do? Master Lu, can you think of a way?” Mr.
Lin said, as he looked at Lu Zijia.

Lu Zijia shook her head.
“The safest way is to wait for those two ghosts to come back.”

As long as those two ghosts appeared, she would be able to remember their auras and she wouldn’t have to worry about them running away.

“What if the malicious ghost doesn’t come back?” Mrs.
Lin asked with a trembling voice.

Lu Zijia blinked and asked innocently, “Isn’t it good that the malicious ghost isn’t back?”

Lin: “…” Why did she feel that something was wrong?

Before the two of them said anything else, Lu Zijia asked them to take her to another room that was also full of Yin energy.

Looking at the room that was obviously decorated as a nursery, Lu Zijia frowned slightly and a dark glint flashed through her eyes.
“Was your daughter-in-law already pregnant when she passed away?”

Lu Zijia could finally guess who the other malicious spirit was at this moment.

“Yes, she was more than three months pregnant.” Mr.
Lin nodded with a sigh, feeling sad over the loss of his grandchild.

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