“Mom, I must marry Jiajia.
It’s useless even if you object.” Lin Kedong said firmly.

“Unfilial son!” Before Mrs.
Lin could speak, Mr.
Lin beat her to it.
The furious Mr.
Lin looked a bit scary.

“Lefei has only been gone for half a month and you want to marry another woman? Are you afraid that outsiders won’t know that you went out to fool around after getting married? I’m warning you, it’s your own business if you’re shameless.
If you dare to embarrass the entire Lin family again, get out of the Lin family.
I’ll pretend I never gave birth to you!”

Lin was furious, and Lin Kedong immediately restrained his arrogance a lot, but he still insisted, “Dad, I don’t want to remarry so soon either, but Jiajia is already pregnant.
If you get married after Jiajia gives birth, wouldn’t your first grandson become an illegitimate child?”

“What? She’s pregnant?!” Madam Lin was shocked and looked at Zhong Jiajia’s stomach reflexively with a hint of suspicion in her eyes.

Some women would do anything to marry into a rich family.
Fake pregnancy was even more common.

This vixen wouldn’t do the same, would she?

Thinking of this, Mother Lin looked at Zhong Jiajia with even more suspicion.

Lin, who was originally firm, frowned tightly, but his attitude seemed to show signs of loosening.
“Are you really pregnant?”

After Yao Lefei married into the Lin family, she got pregnant twice.
She accidentally miscarried once and the second time was four months ago.
Unfortunately, Yao Lefei was killed by the kidnappers and the child in her stomach was gone.

Lin had always been brooding over the loss of his two grandchildren.
Now that he heard that Zhong Jiajia was pregnant, he couldn’t help feeling a bit expectant.

“Of course it’s true.
How would I dare to lie to you, Dad?” Lin Kedong said as he took out a piece of paper from his suit pocket and opened it in front of Mr.
“Here, this is from a blood test.
It’s been two weeks.”

Speaking of three weeks, Lin Kedong’s tone seemed to be a bit smug.

The baby was conceived the first time he got together with Zhong Jiajia.
This proved that he was very capable.
How could he not be proud?

“Three weeks? This, this…”

Mother Lin was stunned for a moment.
She wanted to reach out for the paper, but Father Lin picked it up first.

After reading the results on the paper, although Mr.
Lin was a bit excited, he still said, “Go for another checkup tomorrow.
I’ll ask my secretary to accompany her to the hospital personally.
As for you, go to work obediently tomorrow.” The first sentence was for Zhong Jiajia, and the second sentence was obviously for Lin Kedong.

Although Lin Kedong was a bit dissatisfied, he didn’t dare to object in the end.
He could only shake Zhong Jiajia’s hand and express his apology.

Zhong Jiajia smiled understandingly, indicating that she didn’t mind.

Her virtuous behavior made Lin Kedong even more satisfied and fond of her.

“Kedong, who is this?” Zhong Jiajia seemed to have just noticed Lu Zijia.
She looked over in confusion and asked Lin Kedong, who was sitting next to her.

Lin Kedong followed her gaze.
When he saw Lu Zijia’s pure and beautiful face, amazement flashed through his eyes.
“I don’t know either.
Mom, Dad, who is she?”

Even though Lin Kedong was stunned by Lu Zijia’s beauty, Lu Zijia wasn’t his type, so he was only stunned for a moment, but didn’t have any intentions towards her.

At this moment, Mr.
and Mrs.
Lin finally realized that they had been ignoring Lu Zijia for some time now, and they couldn’t help feeling embarrassed.

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