“We’re not close.
You should call me Miss Lin!” Lin Kexin said coldly.

“Sister, Jiajia is my girlfriend.
Isn’t your attitude a bit too much?” The man standing beside the short-haired woman said to Lin Kexin with a sullen face.

Lin Kexin glanced at her brother indifferently and said in a lukewarm tone, “She’s your girlfriend, not mine.
My attitude is my problem.
I don’t need you, my brother, to lecture me.”

Lin Kedong was furious and was about to say something when Zhong Jiajia stopped him like a considerate wife.

“Kedong, Sister is right.
I’ve only been here twice.
We really don’t know each other well yet.
I’ll work hard to integrate into this family in the future.” Zhong Jiajia said gently, making the others feel extremely comfortable.

As expected, Lin Kedong, who was originally a bit angry, was immediately appeased.

However, the parents of the Lin family didn’t appreciate it.

“What’s wrong with you? Who wants you to integrate into this family?” Madam Lin glared at her with displeasure, not hiding her dislike for Zhong Jiajia at all.

“Mom, I’ve already proposed to Jiajia last night.
She’ll become your daughter-in-law sooner or later.
Why can’t she integrate into this family?” Lin Kedong was also unhappy.

“What? Propose? You still want to marry her?!” Lin Kexin stood up abruptly and looked at her brother in disbelief.

Lin Kedong frowned and said matter-of-factly, “Since I’ve already proposed, of course I’m going to marry her.
Why are you surprised?”

Lin Kexin was so angry that she laughed.
“Lin Kedong, Lin Kedong, you’re really heartless.
Sister Lefei passed away less than half a month ago, but not only did you bring a mistress into the house, you’d proposed to her.
Do you still have a conscience?”

Lin Kexin clenched her fists tightly.
If the person opposite her wasn’t her brother, she would have slapped him long ago.

Hearing Lin Kexin mention Yao Lefei, the expressions of the other members of the Lin family changed.
Obviously, they were very disgusted with Yao Lefei.

“Why did you mention that woman for no reason? I’ve already lost all feelings for her.
The divorce is only a matter of time.
Besides, I didn’t want anything to happen to her.
Our family has already agreed to pay her ransom.
What could I do if those kidnappers wanted to kill her?” Lin Kedong was agitated.
He raised his voice two octaves higher and he seemed angry.

“I’m warning you, don’t mention that woman in front of me again.
Otherwise, even if you’re my sister, I won’t be polite to you!”

Lin Kexin was so angry that her chest was violently bullied and her gaze was fierce.
“That woman? You actually called your wife, who died not long ago, that woman?! Lin Kedong, you’re a beast!”

Seeing the argument between the two of them, Zhong Jiajia simply stood there and watched them silently.

Lu Zijia, who was completely ignored by the Lin family, saw all the reactions of everyone present and couldn’t help thinking to herself, “The lives of rich people are so messy!”

“Kexin, how can you say that about your brother? He’s your brother.
If he’s a beast, what are your father and I? Old beasts?!” Seeing that her son was scolded, Madam Lin immediately defended him and seemed a bit dissatisfied with her daughter.

“Mom, you’re still defending him at this point.
You’ve already spoiled him so much that he’s out of control.
If this continues, will you only start caring when he commits murder and arson?” Lin Kexin growled angrily.

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