Seeing her daughter return, Mrs.
Lin, who was standing at the entrance of the villa, asked, “Who is it?”

“It’s Auntie Zhao and Auntie Luo.
They said they heard a few screams and thought something happened to our family, so they came to take a look,” Lin Kexin replied honestly.

“Why didn’t you invite them in?” Hearing that it was someone she knew, Mrs.
Lin secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Lin Kexin shook her head.
“They said they had something to do, so they left.”

“Really?” Mrs.
Lin had a strange look on her face as she muttered, “Did they really have something to do or did they just want to avoid visiting?”

Ever since her daughter-in-law passed away, her neighbors began to look at her strangely.
In the past, they would go for tea and facial treatments together, but now, everyone seemed to be avoiding her when she went to look for them.

This made her extremely depressed.

Lin Kexin opened her mouth and was about to say something when she heard the doorbell ring again.

“Who is it again? Don’t tell me the delivery is here so soon?” Mrs.
Lin glanced at the door and said.

“I don’t think so.
I’ll go take a look,” Lin Kexin said and was about to go out, but Mother Lin stopped her.

“I’ll go with you.” When her daughter went to open the door just then, she was already terrified.
If she was left alone inside again, she would really break down.

Lin Kexin saw through her mother’s thoughts and didn’t refuse.
The mother and daughter walked towards the door together.

“Who are you?” Lin Kexin looked at the pure and beautiful girl outside through the iron gate and asked curiously.

Immediately, Lin Kexin thought of something and couldn’t help frowning.

Could it be another woman her brother played with again?

“My surname is Lu.
I’m from the Special Administration Office.” Lu Zijia took out her ID and handed it over as if she didn’t see Lin Kexin’s strange look at her.

“Special Administration Office?” Lin Kexin looked confused, but she still reached out and took Lu Zijia’s ID through the gap in the iron gate.

“Master Lu, are you a Taoist Master?” Lin Kexin looked surprised and couldn’t help looking Lu Zijia up and down.
She didn’t look like a master at all.

Lu Zijia smiled slightly.
“Yes, I’m the real deal.”

Lu Zijia was used to other people’s suspicious gazes and she seemed very calm.

“Taosit Master? What Taoist Master? Why are you here?” Mrs.
Lin also spoke at this moment.

“The members of the Lin family asked someone from the Special Administration to help, so I came.” Lu Zijia explained simply.

“Our family invited you? That’s impossible.
Our family didn’t invite you.
Leave quickly.
Don’t think about coming into our house to cheat our money.”

Apparently, Mrs.
Lin thought Lu Zijia was a swindler.

Lu Zijia was speechless.
She looked so sincere.
How could she be a liar?

This member of the Lin family really didn’t have good taste!

“Mom, call… Dad’s back.” Even though Lin Kexin was also a bit suspicious, she still wanted to make a call to confirm, but she happened to see a car driving over not far away and immediately recognized that it was her father’s car.

“Your father is back? Why is he so early today?” Mrs.
Lin frowned and looked worried.
“Did something happen to the company?”

“Mom, don’t think too much about it, or Dad will get angry again later.” Lin Kexin said helplessly.
She immediately pressed the button to open the door and went out to welcome her father.

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