Lu Zijia sat opposite him and pulled her slightly injured ears calmly as she nodded affirmatively.
“Right, do you have a level two case to deal with?”

The cases in the Special Administration Office were divided into special, level one, level two, level three, and level four.
Level four was the lowest.

The cases Lu Zijia dealt with before were level four and three.
She hadn’t dealt with level two or one cases.

Missions above level two could only be accepted with the permission of the Director.

Realizing that he had lost his composure, Luo Baode took a deep breath and said earnestly, “Girl, have you been so free recently that you have nothing to do? If you have nothing to do, hurry up and refine pills.
Don’t you know that your pills are in short supply right now? If it weren’t for your man’s Master, your doorstep would have been broken down already.”

Luo Baode banged the desk loudly.
He looked like he expected better from Lu Zijia and couldn’t wait to wake her up.
Instead of being an alchemist, she insisted on catching ghosts.
She was simply… Simply incorrigible!

Besides, if the higher-ups knew that he sent such a precious alchemist to catch ghosts, the higher-ups would definitely drown him with their saliva!

The corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth twitched.
“Director, if an alchemist only knows how to refine pills all day, how is he different from a piece of salted fish? Also, besides being an alchemist, I’m still a Taoist Master.
As a Taoist Master, it’s my duty to eliminate evil and protect the Dao.
How can I abandon my duty because of my identity as an alchemist?”

Lu Zijia sounded so righteous.
Those who didn’t know better would think that she was a dignified hero who sacrificed herself to fulfill her dream!

Yet the truth was, she was just looking for a sparring partner!

If she didn’t make it sound grand, the Director would never agree to her taking on the case!

Hearing Lu Zijia’s righteous speech, Luo Baode was about to explode.

If the people outside heard what the wretched girl said, they would definitely smash her to death with a rotten egg each.
So many people wanted to become alchemists but couldn’t.
Now, this girl actually said that alchemists were no different from salted fish? She was simply infuriating!

If it weren’t for his strong self-control, he would have knocked this infuriating girl’s head against the wall.

“Just continue talking nonsense, will you? Why don’t you bring the gods in as well?” Luo Baode rolled his eyes and said angrily.

He knew what this wretched girl was like.
When he handed cases to this wretched girl before, she had been unwilling to take them on.
Now, she was actually talking about the responsibilities of a Taoist Master to him? He would be an idiot if he believed her! She was clearly lying!

Lu Zijia looked deeply regretful.
“Director, I didn’t realize the responsibility of a Taoist Master before.
I do now.
You have to give me a chance to change for the better!”

Lu Zijia went all out for the sake of training and stabilizing her foundation.
Her bullsh*tting skills were simply unbelievable!

Luo Baode’s forehead throbbed.
He grabbed the edge of the desk tightly with both hands and kept telling himself to calm down.

This wretched girl was the treasure of the higher-ups.
If he accidentally slapped her to death, he would be in deep trouble!

“Lass, tell me! Why do you suddenly want to take on a case?” Luo Baode took a deep breath as if he had already seen through Lu Zijia.

Lu Zijia said with an innocent look, “Director, I really took the initiative to request for a case because I realized my duty as a Taoist Master.”

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