At the Xu family manor.

Xu Shiwu stopped when he was about 20 meters away from the pavilion and said to Lu Zijia, “Alchemist Lu, my master is waiting for you in the pavilion in front.
I shall take my leave now.”

Lu Zijia looked at the pavilion, which had an ancient charm, and saw a white-haired but energetic old man sitting in the pavilion drinking tea.

Seeing Lu Zijia walking over, Alchemist Xu put on an amiable smile and made an inviting gesture.
“You’re here.
Please take a seat.”

Lu Zijia originally assumed that Alchemist Xu, who gave her the Ice Sea fish, might be a cultivator like her.

However, when she saw him, she realized that she was wrong.

It was probably a coincidence that the Ice Sea Fish that had turned into a salted fish fell into Alchemist Xu’s hands.

“Alchemist Xu.” Lu Zijia nodded and sat down directly opposite him without any reservations.

“I wonder if Alchemist Lu is satisfied with the deposit I gave you?” Alchemist Xu poured a cup of tea for Lu Zijia and asked casually.

“Of course.” If she wasn’t satisfied, she wouldn’t have come here.

But… In order to find out if Alchemist Xu’s grandson ate the fruit she knew, she would still come.
And so, regardless of whether she was satisfied, she had to come!

“Hehe, it seems that Alchemist Lu has a discerning eye,” Alchemist Xu chuckled and praised.

Lu Zijia: “…” This compliment made her feel a bit guilty.
If it weren’t for the golden pagoda’s reminder, she would have really thought that Alchemist Xu had sent her a moldy salted fish as a deposit!

And so, it was very important to have good foresight!

Alchemist Xu led the conversation.
At first, they talked about something unimportant, but soon, they talked about problems relating to alchemy.

“I heard that Alchemist Lu’s success rate of refining pills is not only extremely high, but the quality of the pills you refine is also extremely good.
I wonder if you can show me your pills?” Alchemist Xu stroked his white beard and asked kindly.

Lu Zijia understood that Alchemist Xu was still worried about her ability, so he wanted to test her first.
After all, his grandson’s condition had been worsened by the treatment that others offered.

“Of course, Alchemist Xu, please.” Lu Zijia directly took out a jade bottle from her backpack and put it on the stone table, then pushed it to the middle of the stone table.

Alchemist Xu didn’t seem to expect Lu Zijia to be so easy to talk to.
He couldn’t help being stunned for a moment.
The smile on his old face also became more sincere.

He picked up the jade bottle and carefully poured out a round brown pill.
A strong medicinal fragrance immediately assailed his senses.
He felt refreshed, and his old eyes instantly widened so much that Lu Zijia couldn’t help worrying that his eyes might pop out.

“This… This… How did you do it? The purity is so high!”

Alchemist Xu’s voice suddenly became louder.
Because he was too excited, he couldn’t help but tremble slightly.

However, as soon as he said that, he realized that he had said something wrong.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to probe your alchemy skills.
I’ve just never seen a pill with such high purity, so I was too excited and said something wrong.
Alchemist Lu, please don’t take offense.”

Alchemist Xu put the pills back into the jade bottle carefully and returned the jade bottle to Lu Zijia reluctantly.

However, Lu Zijia pushed the jade bottle over again.

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