Initially, she had been interested in meeting Xu Shiwu because of the huge reward offered by Alchemist Xu.
She didn’t expect to encounter such a pleasant surprise.

“Alchemist Lu, don’t worry.
As long as you can treat my young master, my master will definitely thank you heavily.”

Xu Shiwu said as he took out a wooden box that was about 20 centimeters long and handed it to Lu Zijia with both hands.

“This is the deposit.
Master Lu, you can open it first.”

Lu Zijia had already made up her mind to visit Alchemist Xu’s grandson, so she certainly wouldn’t stand on ceremony with him about the reward.
She took the box and opened it.

However, the corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth twitched when she saw what was inside.

Mu Yi, who was standing behind Lu Zijia, also saw what was in the wooden box, and was astonished.

Inside the box was a salted fish! It was a moldy salted fish!

Was Alchemist Xu joking? Or did Xu Shiwu bring the wrong item?!

Xu Shiwu probably knew that what he took out was a bit strange, so he couldn’t help explaining awkwardly, “Alchemist Lu, this thing might look like a moldy salted fish, but there’s more that meets the eye.”

“Oh? What is it?” Lu Zijia held back her anger and asked calmly.

However, Xu Shiwu laughed dryly and rubbed his hands in embarrassment.
“Well… My master didn’t tell me the details, so… But since my master said that there’s something more about it, then this salted fish must be extraordinary.”

He quickly added, “Alchemist Lu, don’t worry.
It’s fine if you don’t like this salted fish.
This is just the deposit.
There’ll be even more rewards later on!”

Lu Zijia: “…” The deposit was a moldy salted fish.
Was the rest of the reward just a fluke?

Lu Zijia couldn’t help wondering if Alchemist Xu was even more stingy than she was.

She had finally met her match today!

However, at this moment, the golden pagoda’s excited voice sounded in Lu Zijia’s mind, “Master, this is an incredible item!”

“An incredible item? Are you sure?” Lu Zijia couldn’t help doubting the pagoda as she communicated with it using her deity-sense.

“Of course I’m sure.
Master, didn’t you recognize that this salted fish is a fish from the Ice Sea? Although this Ice Sea fish has been turned into salted fish, it’s still an Ice Sea fish, and the inner core inside is still intact! Master, if you eat it, your cultivation level will definitely increase greatly.”

When its master’s cultivation level increased, it could persuade its master to allow it to come out again and have fun!

Thinking of the colorful world outside, the golden pagoda couldn’t help feeling happy and excited.
It couldn’t wait to roll on the ground a few times.

Hearing that, Lu Zijia’s gaze landed on the moldy salted fish in the wooden box silently.

One had to forgive her for being blind.
She really couldn’t tell that this moldy and slightly smelly salted fish was the Ice Sea fish, which was extremely difficult to catch in the cultivation world!

However, weren’t there no cultivators in this world? Why were there Ice Sea Fishes around?

Oh well, even though it was now a salted fish now, at least it had been alive before, right?

“This is fine.
I’ll accept this deposit.”

Under Mu Yi’s questioning gaze, Lu Zijia put the Ice Sea fish, which was now a salted fish, into her backpack expressionlessly.

Mu Yi: “!!!” What did Second Madam say? Did he hear her right? That was fine? A salted fish as a deposit, and Second Madam said it was fine?

Was this still the miserly Second Young Madam he knew? Or was she just a fake?

Sensing Mu Yi’s gaze on her, Lu Zijia resisted the urge to kick him and said to Xu Shiwu, “Come on, let’s go!”

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