Of course, apart from this opportunity, Taoist Mu Qing was also giving Lu Zijia a chance to interact with people in the upper echelons

As for how to choose, it was up to Lu Zijia herself.

Lu Zijia certainly understood what Taoist Mu Qing meant.
She didn’t feel confused about having to deal with the people above.
She directly nodded and said to Mr.
He, “I have seven Vitality Pills and three Xuanyun Pills, a total of ten pills, and I’ll sell them at 2.5 million yuan each.
Do you want them?” She didn’t treat him differently just because he was her superior.

Taoist Mu Qing: “…” His disciple’s wife was really an honest woman!

Luo Baode: “…” This wretched girl said that she only had three Vitality Pills before.
She was indeed a little bastard!

However, this girl had at least given him a discount before.
Now, she didn’t give a single cent less to the people above.
Luo Baode immediately felt a lot better.

Hearing what Taoist Mu Qing said, Mr.
He was shocked in his mind and he looked at Lu Zijia with disbelief.

“The powerful alchemist from the Mu family is… is Little Taoist Lu?” Although Mr.
He tried his best to suppress it, everyone present could still hear the excitement in his voice.

Lu Zijia waved her hand modestly.
“It’s alright, my alchemy skills are just average.”

Lu Zijia’s modesty caused Mr.
He’s expression to falter, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help twitching fiercely.

Even though he didn’t know how many pills Lu Zijia could refine in a day, judging from the fact that she only put up ten for sale every day, he guessed that she could refine at least ten pills a day.

And ten pills was a number that other alchemists might not even be able to refine in a month.

So, Lu Zijia’s modesty sounded like arrogance in the ears of Mr.
He and the others.

“I want all ten pills.
If you have any extra pills in the future, please sell them to me too.
The price is negotiable.”

He said as he took out a checkbook and wrote a check for 25 million yuan in exchange for the ten pills in Lu Zijia’s hand.

He didn’t only manage the Special Administration Office in the capital.
There were also Special Administration Offices in other cities.
Ten pills were insufficient for him to distribute to the other offices right now, so he made a reservation with Lu Zijia first.

Lu Zijia didn’t refuse this either.
Anyway, it was up to her to decide if there were any “extra” pills, right?

“Little Taoist Fellow Lu, no, Alchemist Lu, can you sell me two Vitality Pills too?”

Seeing that Mr.
He bought ten pills at once, Elder Du immediately couldn’t help but speak up.

Lu Zijia glanced at Elder Du and Elder Ma with a faint smile and said with a very good attitude, “I’m sorry, I don’t have any more pills with me.
If Elder Du wants to buy pills, you can ask me when you see me the next time!”

As for when the next time would be, who knew?

Even though Elder Ma was the one who exerted pressure on her and put her down before, she didn’t forget that Elder Du was on the same team as Taoist Qingxuan!

Looking at the backs of Lu Zijia and the others as they left, Elder Du and Elder Ma felt truly regretful.

Why were they so blinded back then? Why did they listen to Taoist Qingxuan’s evil words?

Great! Now they had offended a skilled alchemist! It was almost impossible for them to buy pills from Lu Zijia in the future!

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