The bracelet looked ordinary, but Lu Zijia knew that this bracelet had really been blessed by a senior monk.
This could be seen from the faint golden light on the bracelet.

This bracelet wasn’t very useful to her, but she could give it to the elderly.


Lu Zijia didn’t hesitate much and directly exchanged Taoist Qingxuan’s soul with Tang Zheng.

“Senior Mu.”

He took a few steps forward and bowed to Taoist Mu Qing to show his respect.

Taoist Mu Qing put away his usual mischievous personality and nodded coldly, looking like an expert.

He seemed to be used to his attitude and wasn’t dissatisfied or displeased at all.

“I heard that Senior Mu’s disciple has recovered.
Seeing him here today, his cultivation has even improved.”

He was actually very curious about the golden dragon phantom that appeared on Mu Tianyan’s body just now, but he didn’t ask.

“Right, right, Senior Mu’s disciple is indeed a talented genius.
He’s really lucky.” Elder Du also echoed happily.

Elder Ma wanted to please Taoist Mu Qing, who had a higher cultivation level than him.

However, he felt a bit guilty when he thought of how he deliberately exerted pressure on Lu Zijia before.
He was afraid that Lu Zijia would remember him and make him suffer.

Taoist Mu Qing didn’t explain why Mu Tianyan’s cultivation could be recovered.
He only responded indifferently and said a few words.
Because Taoist Mu Qing wasn’t willing to talk about it, no matter how curious Mr.
He and the others were, they didn’t dare to continue asking at the risk of offending Taoist Mu Qing, so they could only change the topic.

“I heard that a powerful alchemist recently appeared in the Mu family.
His success rate is shockingly high.
I wonder if Senior Mu can sell me a batch of pills?”

He had long been interested in that alchemist.
Unfortunately, he had never found an opportunity to meet him.
Now that he had the chance, he wanted to find out if the rumors were true.

Of course, he wasn’t asking Mu Qing because he wanted to poach the alchemist.
He simply wanted to confirm if the news was true.

Taoist Mu Qing heard the probing in Mr.
He’s words and glanced over lightly, not denying it.
“How many pills do you want?”

Even though Taoist Mu Qing wasn’t afraid of the power behind Mr.
He, he didn’t want to become enemies with him either.
As the saying went, one more ally was better than one more enemy.

Besides, his disciple’s wife probably wouldn’t leave the capital for a while.
It would be good to help her a little.

Hearing that he didn’t deny it, Mr.
He couldn’t help feeling overjoyed.
“I wonder how many pills Senior Mu has for sale? I can take them all.”

He simply left the decision to Taoist Mu Qing.

Taoist Mu Qing was very satisfied with his approach and nodded slightly.
“You’re not bad, kid.
You’re still so slick.”

He: “…”

Slick… Didn’t sound like a suitable word for praising people, right?

Even though Mr.
He thought so in his mind, he didn’t show it on his face and accepted Taoist Mu Qing’s special “praise” for him humbly.

“Disciple-in-law, do you have any extra pills to sell to this kid?”

Taoist Mu Qing looked at Lu Zijia and asked her directly, before winking at her quietly.

Lu Zijia’s identity as an alchemist would spread sooner or later.
She was just waiting for an opportunity.

And now was a good opportunity.

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