As he spoke, Luo Baode glanced at Elder Du and Elder Ma one by one, his meaning self-evident.

Elder Du and Elder Ma’s expressions were obviously very ugly.
They blamed Taoist Qingxuan in their minds for having ulterior motives and dragging them down with him.

“I heard from Taoist Qingxuan that there have been some unorthodox cultivators.
I came here with the intention of getting rid of evil and protecting the Dao.” Elder Du explained to himself first.

Elder Ma wasn’t willing to fall into a disadvantage either.
“That’s right, I’m the same.
We didn’t know any better.”

“Oh? I see!”

Luo Baode looked enlightened.
“Then the problem lies with you, Fourth Elder.

“I challenged you openly back then, Fourth Elder, and you agreed to it yourself.
How did it become a sneak attack?”

“Besides, if I remember correctly, Fourth Elder, before you accepted my challenge, you were already at level five of Ancient Martial Arts.
Now, you’re also at level five of Ancient Martial Arts.
Where is the fall in your cultivation level that you allege?”

At this moment, Lu Zijia smiled and stood up with Luo Baode.
“If the Fourth Elder was really injured by the evil cultivators, there should be some traces left behind.”

“Coincidentally, I know some medical skills.
Why don’t I examine the Fourth Elder?”

In order to clarify that they weren’t with Taoist Qingxuan, Elder Du and Elder Ma didn’t care if Lu Zijia really knew medicine and repeatedly agreed with what Lu Zijia said, which made Taoist Qingxuan’s face darken again.

“There’s no need!”

Taoist Qingxuan said with a cold face and wanted to leave again.

However, Tang Zheng stopped him personally this time.
“Fourth Elder, if you don’t trust her, I’ll check your body myself!”

After saying that, Tang Zheng was about to check Taoist Qing Xuan’s wrist.

A hint of darkness flashed through Taoist Qingxuan’s old eyes.
He suddenly moved his body and dodged Tang Zheng’s hand that was reaching out.
At the same time, he rushed towards Lu Zijia, who had the weakest cultivation level here.

Seeing that Taoist Qingxuan’s withered hand was about to strangle Lu Zijia’s fair and fragile neck, Luo Baode and the others couldn’t help being shocked and subconsciously wanted to save her.

However, it was already too late.

However, at this critical moment, a violent thunder suddenly resounded in the sky outside.
In an instant, a purple lightning bolt as thick as an arm struck at Taoist Qingxuan like a vicious snake.

Taoist Qingxuan instinctively wanted to dodge it, and Lu Zijia also took the opportunity to retreat quickly.

At the same time, Lu Zijia sensed a familiar aura getting closer and closer to her.

Ten meters, nine meters, eight meters… one meter…



Even though Taoist Qingxuan dodged the purple lightning bolt that was as thick as his arm, his left arm was still burnt and there was a faint smell of roasted meat.

At the same time, Lu Zijia’s back fell into a familiar embrace.

“Sorry, my wife, I’m late.”

Mu Tianyan hugged the person in his arms tightly, still feeling a lingering fear.
A bloodthirsty dark light flashed in his deep eyes.

“You aren’t late.
You came just in time.”

Lu Zijia sensed his violent emotions and patted his arm to signal to him that she was fine.

After what happened with the deputy director, she was already on guard against Taoist Qingxuan.
As expected, reality proved that her vigilance was right.

Taoist Qingxuan and the deputy director were indeed siblings.
Even their methods were so similar that they wanted to capture her as a hostage.

“Be careful!”

Sensing that Taoist Qingxuan was attacking her again, Lu Zijia quickly warned Mu Tianyan.

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