Yuan Luo spoke righteously, as if he was really a hero with a righteous heart who got rid of the bad guys and defended justice.

Lu Zijia looked at Yuan Luo silently, but her expression was that of amusement, as if she was watching a retarded man speaking.

It was inevitable that martial artists would get injured in a battle.
If the loser accused the winner of using sinister tricks, wouldn’t all the martial artists who won be evil cultivators?

Seeing that Yuan Luo spoke so confidently and didn’t seem to be lying, Tang Zheng couldn’t help looking at Luo Baode.
“Fellow Taoist Luo, what do you want to say?”

Luo Baode didn’t answer Tang Zheng, but turned to look at Lu Zijia.
“Lass, just say what you want to say.
You don’t have to be afraid of offending people if you tell the truth.
I’ll support you.”

Luo Baode patted his chest and said generously, as if he treated Lu Zijia as his underling.

The corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth twitched speechlessly.
The Director really treated her as a free laborer!

Luo Baode’s attitude made everyone present frown, as if they felt that what Luo Baode did was a bit childish.

Lu Zijia saw everyone’s reaction, but she didn’t care.

Her cold gaze landed on Yuan Luo and she said in a teasing voice, “Do you dare to swear on your Taoist heart that everything you said just now is true?”

Even though martial artists’ oaths would not be acknowledged or punished by the Heavenly Dao like cultivators, it was very likely that they would become the mental demons of martial artists when they advanced and they would eventually lose control of themselves.

And so, like cultivators, martial artists would never make oaths easily.

As expected, as soon as Lu Zijia said this, Yuan Luo, who originally looked confident, immediately panicked.

Lu Zijia blinked innocently.
“What about me? Are you trying to ask why I didn’t swear first? Sure! I’ll set an example for you.”

Lu Zijia said as she raised three fingers.
“I, Lu Zijia, swear with my Taoist heart that if the Director and I are evil cultivators who ambushed Taoist Qingxuan with sinister tricks, I’ll be struck by lightning and my cultivation will never advance.”

After Lu Zijia made the oath, she raised her eyebrows and smiled at Yuan Luo, indicating that it was his turn to make the oath.

Yuan Luo clenched his fists tightly on his knees.
Under everyone’s gaze, he couldn’t retreat.

Just as Yuan Luo was anxious in his mind and was about to give himself away under the pressure, Taoist Qingxuan said, “This is preposterous!”


Taoist Qingxuan suddenly slammed the table and glared at Lu Zijia with his fierce eyes.
“The oath of a martial artist is not a joke! Mr.
He, are you going to let this little girl fool around?”

What he said after that was obviously blaming Mr.

He glanced at Lu Zijia and said with a frown, “It’s certainly not a joke for martial artists to swear.”

He’s answer made a complacent and satisfied look in Taoist Qingxuan’s eyes.
He looked at Lu Zijia and Luo Baode with disdain.

As if he had already won.

However, after hearing what Mr.
He said next, Taoist Qingxuan’s original smugness instantly disappeared without a trace.

“It’s precisely because it’s not child’s play that if young Fellow Taoist Lu can swear on the spot, it proves that she’s open and honest.
I think there must be some misunderstanding.”

He continued as if he didn’t see Taoist Qingxuan’s old face that instantly darkened.

Even though the overall strength of the Special Administration Office couldn’t compare to that of the Maoshan Sect, they had the backing of the entire A Nation.
No matter how powerful the Maoshan Sect was, they couldn’t possibly make an enemy of A Nation.

Therefore, as the representative of the Special Administrative Office, he could give the leader of the Maoshan Sect face, but he would never allow his subordinates to be slandered casually.

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