Luo Baode: “!!!” He shouldn’t have expected anything from this heartless girl!

“You wicked girl, you must be trying to anger me to death so that you can inherit the position of the Director!”

Lu Zijia: “…” Was the Director of the office having illusions because of anger?

She was already busy enough refining pills and drawing talismans.
How would she possibly covet the position of Director that was strenuous and unrewarding?

Being the Director, she would be doubted by the higher-ups if she didn’t do well for a second.
How frustrating was that? It wasn’t pleasant at all and she wouldn’t want to be the Director!

“So, Director, why did you ask me to come back so urgently?”

If he wanted to tell her about this, he could have said it over the phone.
Why did he have to call her back?

So, there must be a reason why she must come back.

Luo Baode rolled his eyes and sat down in the office chair again.
“Those people will come later and confront us face-to-face.
Don’t give yourself away.”

Lu Zijia: “…” What could she give herself away?

“The entire Maoshan Sect is in a mess.
Luckily, there’s still a Sect Master with a clear mind.
Otherwise, the Maoshan Sect wouldn’t be able to survive for long.”

Luo Baode suddenly said emotionally, as if he had experienced the destruction of a sect.

“Girl, apart from the Sect Master of the Maoshan Sect, you don’t have to respect anyone else.
Just beat those bastards to death directly!” Luo Baode instructed Lu Zijia furiously.

Lu Zijia: “…” Why did she have to beat them to death? She was just a weak and innocent junior!

“Director, they’re targeting you this time, right?”


Lu Zijia hit the nail on the head, making Luo Baode, who was about to say something, choke immediately.

Seeing his reaction, Lu Zijia knew that she was right.

So, was she dragged here to be the scapegoat?

“Director, aren’t you a bit unkind?” Lu Zijia raised her eyebrows and said softly.

Luo Baode looked into her eyes that seemed to be able to see through people’s minds and he couldn’t help feeling a bit guilty.

But could he show it? Obviously not!

“Hey, girl, don’t forget that you killed his sister.
Do you think Taoist Qingxuan would let you go after killing his sister? He’s a vengeful person.”

The corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth couldn’t help twitching.
Taoist Qingxuan really wouldn’t, or he wouldn’t have come to kill her in person before.


“You severely injured him in front of his disciples and even ran for your life in panic.
You ruined his image as an elder, so he definitely won’t let you go.”

Lu Zijia blinked and also pointed out the reason why Taoist Qingxuan wouldn’t let Luo Baode go directly.

Luo Baode:”!!!” This wretched girl was truly a little bastard! They should be standing on the same side right now and not exposing what each other had done!

Luo Baode thought that he would have a heart attack if he continued talking to this wretched girl!

“Girl, give me all the pills you have.” Luo Baode suddenly changed the subject and reached out his hand to Lu Zijia without hesitation.

He wasn’t acting like the Director at all.
His image was totally ruined!

Lu Zijia blinked and didn’t take out the pills.
Instead, she reached out her hand as well.
“Three Vitality Pills for 7.5 million.
Cheque and cash will do.”

Looking at the hand that was way smaller than his, Luo Baode suddenly had the urge to slap it.

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