Tian Li’s house wasn’t far, so Lu Zijia went there directly.

There was no one at Tian Li’s home.
They should have gone out or gone to work.

“My child, where’s my child?”

As soon as Tian Li stepped into the house, she grabbed Lu Zijia’s hand and asked anxiously.

Lu Zijia didn’t answer her immediately.
After closing the door for her, she casually set up a barrier and said, “You’re so obsessed that the baby in your belly still hasn’t left you after it lost its life.”

Lu Zijia said as she directly opened the Third Eye for Tian Li, asking her to look at her belly.

Tian Li lowered her head and looked at her belly, only to see a baby that had yet to take shape in it.

Tian Li’s first reaction was fear, but when she thought that this was her child, she wasn’t afraid anymore.

“My child, my child, boohoo…”

Tian Li wanted to reach out to touch the baby that had yet to take shape, but unfortunately, her hand went through the baby’s body and she didn’t touch anything.

“It’s already dead.”

Lu Zijia’s words were heartless, but it was the truth.

“No, no, my child, my child isn’t dead.
It’s not dead.
Boohoo, I don’t want my child to die.
I don’t want it.
I don’t want it!”

Tian Li shook her head crazily, as if she was afraid that Lu Zijia would snatch her child away.
She covered her stomach and kept backing away, until her back was against the wall and she had nowhere to retreat.

Lu Zijia didn’t find Tian Li’s emotional reaction strange at all.
Instead, she was used to it.

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“Yin and Yang are different.
Your obsession, whether for the child or yourself, is harmful and not beneficial.

“This child can’t reincarnate because of your obsession, and it will only absorb your vitality when it’s with you.
If you’re killed by it, it’ll gradually become an evil spirit.

“Do you want your child to become an evil spirit that can’t reincarnate, or do you want it to reincarnate well in its next life?”

Lu Zijia explained the pros and cons to her clearly.
If Tian Li still insisted, she could only do it by force.

After all, she couldn’t stand by and do nothing, knowing that the baby would kill Tian Li in the end.

Since she accepted this case, she would certainly deal with it well.

“I… I…”

Tian Li’s eyes became redder and redder, but she became much more clear-headed and her eyes were full of pain.

If it was only harmful to herself, she wouldn’t care about it, but this concerned her child, so she had to care about it.

She was already unable to protect her child and had let down this unborn child.
How could she bear to turn this child into an evil spirit that couldn’t reincarnate?

But she was so unwilling to let it go, truly unwilling!

Her child died a tragic and aggrieving death!

Lu Zijia seemed to know what she was thinking.
She gave her a Blessing Talisman and an Exorcizing Talisman.
“One month later, if your obsession hasn’t dissipated, I’ll come to find you.

“Keep these two talismans with you.
They can protect you and your child for a while.

“I’m not lying to you about what I said before.
You just need to wait for a month calmly.
There’s no need to ruin yourself for someone unworthy.”

Lu Zijia said as she pushed the door open and left without closing the Third Eye for Tian Li.

Tian Li was skeptical about what Lu Zijia said, but she kept those two talismans with her carefully.
She made a trip to Old Qiao’s community every few days afterwards.

But a month later, she stopped going there.

Because, as Lu Zijia said before, the son of the Qiao family was arrested for business crimes and all his property was seized.
Even the mansion where the Qiao family lived was also seized.

Old Qiao was extremely unpopular and his relatives weren’t willing to take him in.
He had nowhere to live and ended up living on the streets.

Tian Li looked at Old Qiao, who was squatting by the street and eating something that someone threw away, and tears of relief flowed down her cheeks.

A bad penny always came back.
It wasn’t that he wouldn’t suffer retribution, but that it wasn’t time yet.

“My child, my child, look, the person who killed you has finally suffered retribution.”

As Tian Li was relieved, the immature baby, who couldn’t reincarnate because of her strong obsession, gradually became transparent at this moment and disappeared…

Of course, this was another story.

Not long after Lu Zijia left Tian Li’s home, she received a call from Luo Baode again and was urgently summoned back to the Special Administration Office.

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