The three guards also looked at Lu Zijia with a slightly strange gaze, but they didn’t say anything in the end.

Everyone’s standpoint was different.
They had no right to criticize a stranger they didn’t know at all.

Besides, judging from the situation, Lu Zijia was obviously hired by Old Qiao.
There was nothing wrong with Lu Zijia working for money.

Thinking of this, the three guards pitied Tian Li even more, but apart from sympathy, they couldn’t help much.

After all, the Qiao family was rich and powerful.
Most importantly, Tian Li’s husband had already taken a huge amount of money from the Qiao family and even signed a document that he would not pursue the matter anymore.
That would become a family matter between the two families.

Outsiders like them certainly had no right to interfere.

Lu Zijia met Tian Li’s eyes directly and didn’t avoid them at all.
“I was telling the truth just then.”

Even though Old Qiao had dark energy on him, it was his own dark energy and he didn’t get it from somewhere else.

So, ordinary evil spirits didn’t dare to get close to him, fearing that they would suffer a backlash.

As for getting the Blessing Talisman, it was useless for Old Qiao.

Because the Blessing Talisman only kept people safe.
It couldn’t save the Qiao family from their destiny at all.

“The truth?”

The tears in Tian Li’s eyes fell without any warning.
“The truth, what a truth.

“Why? Why did God have to take away the child I waited so long for when I’ve done nothing against my conscience my whole life?

“However, the evil person is still living well and even ghosts are afraid of him.
I might as well be an evil person too!”

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Seeing the dark energy surging between Tian Li’s eyebrows, Lu Zijia frowned slightly and immediately looked at the three security guards.
“Can I talk to her alone?”

The three guards looked at each other and finally looked at Tian Li.
Seeing that she seemed to have calmed down a lot and didn’t have any intention of objecting, they walked away a bit sensibly.

“One month.
The son of the Qiao family will be in jail in one month.
All his property will be seized and the person who caused you to lose your child will also become homeless.

“Do you still have to hate them?” Lu Zijia said directly to Tian Li.

Tian Li widened her eyes abruptly.
Apart from shock, there was also a hint of suspicion in her eyes.
“Are… Are you a police officer?”

Lu Zijia shook her head.
“No, I’m a Taoist Master.
I can see Yin and Yang, like the child you lost.”

“My… My child?”

Tian Li, who was originally a bit disappointed, suddenly became excited again when she heard about her child.
“You… can you see my child? Where’s my child?

“Can you let me see my child? I miss it so much.
I failed to protect it as a mother.
I let my child down.

Tian Li said as she couldn’t help but burst into tears again.
Apparently, she was extremely sad and sorrowful.

“This isn’t a place to talk.
Come with me.” Lu Zijia didn’t answer the question.

“Alright, alright, I’ll go with you.
I’ll go with you.
As long as you can let me see my child, I’ll go anywhere.
I’m willing to give my life to you.
I only ask that you let me see my child.”

Tian Li was a bit muddled.
She didn’t care if what Lu Zijia said was true or not, just like Lu Zijia was her last straw.
She held onto her tight without caring about anything else.

The three security guards couldn’t help feeling a bit worried when they saw Lu Zijia take her away.
Lu Zijia took out her ID card to prove that she was a government officer.

The three guards then let her take the girl with ease.

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