“B*tch, get lost!”

Old Qiao flew into a rage out of humiliation.
Seeing that Tian Li was still holding his arms firmly, he immediately raised his hand and was about to slap Tian Li, regardless of whether it was in a public place or not.

The three guards were startled and they subconsciously wanted to block it for Tian Li.

At this moment, a slender hand grabbed Old Qiao’s hand faster than the three guards.

“Old man, it’s not good to get angry when you’re old.” Lu Zijia held Old Qiao’s arm firmly and said to him with a smile.

Old Qiao frowned and was about to scold her, but Lu Zijia didn’t give him the chance.

“I’m from the Special Administration Office.
I’m Miss Lu.”

Lu Zijia let go of his hand and showed him her ID, then putting it away.

Hearing that they were from the Special Administration Office, Old Qiao immediately didn’t dare to scold her again.

“You’re right on time.
This b*tch cursed me.
Arrest her quickly!”

Old Man Qiao pointed at Tian Li with anger in his eyes.

Lu Zijia looked in the direction he was pointing at and her gaze glanced over Tian Li’s face, then landed on Tian Li’s stomach and her eyes glittered slightly.

The three guards didn’t know what the Special Administration Office was for, but they could still understand the word “curse”.
They couldn’t help looking at Tian Li in shock.

They had a feeling that Tian Li wouldn’t possibly be able to put any curse on Old Qiao in her current state.

“She didn’t curse you.” Lu Zijia shook her head and said with certainty.

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“How is that possible?”

Old Qiao didn’t believe her and denied it right away.
“If it weren’t that this b*tch cursed me, I wouldn’t have been unable to sleep well every night!”

What Old Qiao didn’t say was that apart from being restless every night, he also heard a baby crying before he went to sleep.

A day or two might be a coincidence, but after five or six days, he didn’t think it was a coincidence anymore.

Lu Zijia used some skills to pull Tian Li’s hands that were grabbing Old Qiao’s arms firmly away.

“You might not have been cursed even if you can’t sleep well every night.
You might be mentally disturbed.”

Lu Zijia said as she slapped a Calming Talisman on Tian Li without a trace.

Tian Li, who was originally struggling crazily, seemed to have sensed something at this moment and some calmness was restored in her red eyes.

“What do you mean?!”

Old Qiao was very sensitive about what happened these days.
He always felt that Lu Zijia was saying that he did something bad.

Lu Zijia didn’t care about his attitude.
She shrugged.
“It means that you’re not pestered by a ghost.
You have a strong dark energy.
Normal ghosts can’t get close to you at all.”

To be honest, even ghosts were afraid of Old Qiao.

Normal people would definitely not be happy if they heard this, but Old Qiao was very satisfied.

“Are you serious?” Old Qiao was satisfied, but he still asked cautiously.

“Of course.
Why would I lie to you?” Lu Zijia said calmly, looking as honest as possible.

Even though Old Qiao looked fierce, he was still afraid of death in his mind, or he wouldn’t have gone to the Special Administration Office.

So he bought a Blessing Talisman from Lu Zijia.
200,000 yuan wasn’t expensive for him at all and he directly paid for it.

The three guards, on the other hand, couldn’t help but feel stunned.
200,000 yuan for a talisman was undoubtedly an astronomical figure for security guards with their salaries.

Perhaps because he was in a good mood, Old Qiao didn’t argue with Tian Li anymore.
He directly turned around and went home with his hands behind his back.

“Why are you helping him? Why are you helping him?”

After regaining her sanity, Tian Li stared at Lu Zijia with red eyes, looking both furious and resentful.

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