“Earn it myself? What do you mean?” Ye Nambo looked vigilant.
Apparently, he didn’t believe what Lu Zijia said.

Lu Zijia didn’t answer his question.
Instead, she said as if she didn’t mean to, “When Xia Fangqing left the Lu family, she took more than 20 million yuan with her.
She died in a car accident, so her remaining property will naturally be inherited by her children.

“Oh right, I also heard that Lu Wanyuan just got discharged not long ago.
She should still be in the capital.”

Lu Zijia said as she turned around and left directly without caring about Ye Nambo’s reaction.

Ye Nambo wanted to stop her subconsciously, but when he thought of Lu Zijia’s extraordinary identity today, he didn’t dare to stop her in the end.

After thinking for a while, Ye Nambo quickly left where he was.
As for where he was going, only he knew.

After Lu Zijia got rid of Ye Nambo, she went to a more remote area and finally stopped at the abandoned building in a desolate place.

“Come out.”

Lu Zijia stopped walking and turned around to look in front of the empty space.
She sounded very certain.

Ye Nambo only followed her after she left Three Treasures, but there was another person who had been following her since she left the Mu family.

“Hehe, pretty girl, you’re truly vigilant.”

Knowing that he was already discovered, Gu Ying came out of the dark very openly, as if he wasn’t the one following people.

“Tell me, why are you following me?” Lu Zijia raised her eyebrows and said directly.

She thought that the lesson she taught him last time was already enough to leave a deep impression on Gu Ying, but now it seemed that it wasn’t enough.

“We met again in such a short time.
Don’t you think it’s fate?”

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Gu Ying said to himself as if she didn’t hear what Lu Zijia said.
He even brushed his fringe and winked at Lu Zijia.

However, Lu Zijia wasn’t swayed at all.
“Looks like you want to be beaten again?”

Lu Zijia glanced around the ground, then picked up a wooden stick as thick as a baby’s arm and wielded it casually.

Gu Ying: “…” She wanted to fight whenever someone said something she didn’t like.
Why were pretty girls so violent nowadays?

“No, pretty girl, don’t.
I’m just joking with you.
Don’t be so serious!”

Seeing that Lu Zijia was about to make a move, Gu Ying quickly raised his hands and pretended to surrender.
“I’m sorry, pretty girl.
Don’t be angry.
I was wrong last time.
I came here to apologize to you.

“Pretty girl, can you forgive me once because I’m so handsome? I promise it won’t happen again.
If it happens again, you can beat me, okay?”

Gu Ying had a cheeky smile on his face.
He looked like a wanderer in ancient times and there was no sincerity in his apology at all.

Besides, if he came here specifically to apologize, how would it possibly be considered following her? She was obviously talking nonsense.

“My Ah Yan said that if anyone dares to say they’re more handsome than him, he’ll let me beat them to death.

“So, I’m sorry.
I’ll definitely beat you up.”

Lu Zijia apologized on the outside, but her movements weren’t showing mercy at all.
She hit Gu Ying directly with the wooden stick, and none of her attacks missed.

“Ouch! Stop, stop, stop! Pretty girl, I’m sorry.
I’m really sorry.
Stop beating me, alright?!”

When they were in the peach blossom forest last time, Gu Ying was evenly matched with Lu Zijia.

However, after Lu Zijia made a breakthrough, Gu Ying, who was at level three of Ancient Martial Arts, was no longer Lu Zijia’s match.
He was beaten so badly that he kept screaming and begging for mercy.

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