The previous family leader was Mu Sheng’s father.
People had been comparing him to his father all these years.

It was fine at first, but as time passed, a kind of viciousness emerged in Mu Sheng’s heart, thinking that these elders deliberately used his dead father to put pressure on him.

So, whenever someone mentioned his father, Mu Sheng would definitely not feel good.

“Second Elder, don’t drag my father into everything.
I’m the leader of the Mu family now!”

Mu Sheng repressed his anger and stared at the Second Elder of the Mu family coldly.
He said word by word with a warning tone.

The Second Elder of the Mu family heard the warning in his tone and he was even more disdainful in his mind.
He thought that Mu Sheng, the leader of the family, wasn’t competent at all.

They shouldn’t have supported such an ungrateful person who kicked down the ladder back then!

However, things had already come to this point.
Even if he regretted his decision back then, there was obviously nothing he could do.

“Since you know that you’re the leader of the family, you should think for the sake of the entire Mu family and not offend a powerful alchemist for your personal matters!”

The Second Elder of the Mu family was furious.
His old eyes were full of dissatisfaction towards the leader of the family, Mu Sheng.

Mu Sheng’s expression froze and he caught the main point in his words.
“Alchemist? What alchemist?”

Alchemists were extremely rare in this world.
They could totally be considered a rare species that was extremely protected.

So, basically, nobody would offend an alchemist, let alone a powerful one.

Of course, the most important thing was that when people offended an alchemist, it was equivalent to offending countless supporters behind that alchemist.

Therefore, what was scary wasn’t the alchemist, but the supporters behind that alchemist.

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If they provoked those people, it would definitely be a huge problem.

Mu Sheng believed that he would never do something so stupid.

However, what the Second Elder said with certainty gave him a bad feeling in the bottom of his heart.


The Second Elder of the Mu Family grunted and said angrily, “According to a reliable source, the Zhang Family bought a lot of pills from Mu Tianyan a few days ago.

“Right now, the entire Zhang family can be said to have reached the point where they don’t lack pills at all.
Tell me, have you harmed the interests of the entire Mu family as the leader of the family?”

“If you didn’t go to find trouble with Mu Tianyan, we could still persuade Mu Tianyan with the excuse that we’re all from the Mu family, and then rope the alchemist in.

“But after what you did, it’s already good enough that the alchemist doesn’t hate the Mu family, let alone roping her in!”

Thinking that he could only watch such a huge piece of fat meat, which was right in front of him, fly away, the Second Elder of the Mu family even had the thought of crippling Mu Sheng.


Mu Sheng denied subconsciously, but his hands on the armrests gripped tighter reflexively.

“Why is it impossible?”

The Second Elder of the Mu family sneered.
“The Fourth Elder only rushed there after getting the news ahead of time.

“The Great Elder has such a good relationship with the Fourth Elder.
If the Great Elder has something good, he definitely won’t forget about the Fourth Elder!”

Speaking of this, the Second Elder of the Mu family couldn’t help feeling a bit frustrated and jealous of Taoist Mu Qing and the Fourth Elder of the Mu family at the same time.

In the Second Elder’s mind, Taoist Mu Qing and the Fourth Elder were both members of the main Mu family and were even elders, so they should prioritize the interests of the entire Mu family.

But now, not only did Taoist Mu Qing and the Fourth Elder not prioritize the interests of the Mu family, but also gave all the benefits to other families.
They were simply the role models of helping outsiders secretly!

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