However, his wife’s black cat didn’t seem to be an ordinary pet cat either.

“Meow, meow, meow…”

Hearing that, the golden pagoda, which had been a quiet cat for a long time, immediately meowed to show its existence.

“Oh, Master, Master, even that master said I’m impressive.
Looks like I’m quite impressive.”

The golden pagoda sat on the couch and raised its head like a proud cat queen.

Lu Zijia rolled her eyes silently.
The golden pagoda really hadn’t changed at all.
It started to be arrogant after achieving something small.

Lu Zijia ignored the golden pagoda and concentrated on drawing the thunder inscription on the Sacred Dragon Sword.

The golden pagoda was unwilling to be left out, so it kept chattering.
After all, its master could multitask, so it wasn’t afraid of affecting her,

“Master, Master, it’s so boring to stay in one place every day.
Can we go out and play?

“For example, we can go to the amusement park.
I heard there are many fun things and even very exciting roller coasters!”

“Master, it’s a rare opportunity for us to be able to come to this wonderful world.
If we don’t have fun, we’ll really let ourselves down.
Don’t you think so, Master?

“Master, it’s not that I want to nag at you, but you’re really too busy.
You either refine pills, draw talismans, or develop whitening ointment every day.
Life is truly too boring.”

The golden pagoda persuaded its master as it shook its head.
It looked very human-like.

Mu Tianyan, who noticed the strange behavior of the cat, saw everything without missing any of it, but he didn’t ask about it.

Lu Zijia, who was focused on drawing the inscription, pretended not to hear the “bit truths of life” that the golden pagoda talked about from time to time.

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The golden pagoda was already used to its master ignoring it and it continued to persuade her patiently.

“Master, it’s a good thing to cultivate hard, but you can’t wait for opportunities to come to you, can you?

“Opportunities are hard to find.
If you don’t go out for a walk, how would you encounter opportunities so easily?

“We should be like in the cultivation world, wandering around the world and treating it as our home.
When we’ve traveled enough, we can find a place to rest.
That’s a wonderful life!”

Thinking of his past life, the golden pagoda’s cat face was full of yearning.

Lu Zijia was multitasking in her mind as she exposed the golden pagoda mercilessly.

“So, you want to go back to the cultivation world? You don’t want fried chicken, hamburgers, or TV anymore?”

The golden pagoda: “!!!” Its master was truly bad!

She knew that it liked eating the delicacies of this world and watched Beauty Sheep, but she still said that on purpose.
Its master was truly annoying!

In comparison, the golden pagoda suddenly felt that life in the cultivation world was too terrible and boring!

However… what did this have to do with it persuading its master to take it out for fun? It wasn’t asking its master to take it back to the cultivation world!

Oh! Its Master is truly too evil and despicable.
She actually went around it again! Argh!

Lu Zijia successfully went around the golden pagoda, but she also thought in her mind that maybe they could really go out for a walk.
After all, as the golden pagoda said, opportunities wouldn’t come to her by themselves.

There was a limited amount of Half Spirit Stones.
Perhaps she should go out to see if there were any substitutes of the same level or something even better.

After all, the higher her cultivation level was, the more spiritual energy she needed to absorb.
She certainly couldn’t wait for someone to give her Half Spirit Stones.

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