“Ahem, disciple-in-law, I’m really not with Mu Sheng.
Didn’t I remind Old Qing about it before? He should have told you already, right?

“If I’m really with Mu Sheng, then I definitely wouldn’t have reminded Old Qing about it, right?” The Fourth Elder of the Mu family explained a bit wryly.

Lu Zijia: “…”

Disciple-in-law… When did she have another master? Oh no, when did her man suddenly have another master?

“Hey, old man, move aside.
You’re talking so slowly.
Don’t you find it annoying?”

The Second Elder of the Cao Family pushed the Fourth Elder of the Mu Family aside with a disgusted look.

However, the moment he turned to Lu Zijia, he showed a beaming smile that looked like an old chrysanthemum flower.
“Disciple-in-law, have you just come out of seclusion? With your peerless cultivation talent, you must have made a breakthrough successfully, right? Congratulations, truly.”

Lu Zijia: “!!!” Why was there another master? How many masters did her man have?

“Shoo, shoo, shoo.
Disciple-in-law is a peerless genius.
Of course, she has.
The most important thing right now is to check on Yan’s injuries first.
Yan was seriously injured just now…”

He Lei pushed the Second Elder of the Cao family away in disdain and said to Lu Zijia with an amiable smile.

However, before he finished talking, he was pushed away by the Third Elder of the Cao family and the Fourth Elder of the Gu family, who couldn’t wait to make their presence known, together.

“Right, right, right, quickly help Yan in to check his injuries first.
I have the best Golden Wound Medicine here.
Disciple-in-law, feel free to use it.”

The Third Elder of the Cao Family said with concern as he put a jade bottle into Lu Zijia’s hands at the same time.

“Right, right, right, I still have one bottle here.
It’s for you too, disciple-in-law.
You don’t have to use it sparingly.”

Seeing what the Third Elder of the Cao family did, the Fourth Elder of the Gu family copied him and also gave a jade bottle to Lu Zijia.

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Lu Zijia, who was given two bottles of Golden Wound Medicine: “…”

“They’re all Master’s best friends.”

Seeing his wife’s dumbfounded look, the corners of Mu Tianyan’s mouth curled up slightly and he stepped out to help her out.

Lu Zijia immediately understood after hearing that.
“The seniors being tricked here by Master?”

She was able to break through successfully this time only because of that small pile of Half Spirit Stones she exchanged with pills.
Otherwise, her breakthrough would probably have to stop temporarily.

Even though the spiritual energy in the Ancient Space was much richer than that outside, it couldn’t be compared to that in the cultivation world at all.
It would be difficult to break through without the help of Spirit Stones.

Because cultivators had to absorb a large amount of spiritual energy to break through every level.
If they didn’t have enough spiritual energy, they wouldn’t be able to break through the barrier and advance to the next level.

So, for the next breakthrough, she still had to continue working hard to earn money to support herself.

However, as her cultivation level increased, the thin spiritual energy in the jade stones in this world became basically useless to her.

So, she had to think of a way to get more Half Spirit Stones.

The Fourth Elder and the others: “…” Being tricked here… It seemed to be true.

However, they didn’t come for nothing this time.
They were even glad that they came, or they would definitely regret it after this.

“Ahem, disciple-in-law, aren’t you going to look at Yan’s injuries first?”

The Fourth Elder of the Mu family cleared his throat in embarrassment and reminded Lu Zijia.

Lu Zijia glanced at the man next to her.
“No, he’s basically healed.
But the wounds that are too serious will take two to three days to recover completely.”

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