If Mu Sheng didn’t go too far back then, how would he end up like this today?

So, people really shouldn’t go too far!

“Are you with them?”

Seeing that the Fourth Elder of the Mu family stepped out to smooth things over, Lu Zijia immediately looked at him with a doubtful gaze.

She saw this old man standing next to Mu Yunhao and the others just then.
She thought he was one of them!

The expression of the Fourth Elder of the Mu family changed slightly and he looked embarrassed.
He didn’t know how to answer for a second.

If he said “yes,” he would never be able to step into the old mansion of the Mu family again, let alone ask for pills.
Old Qing would probably laugh at him for getting what he deserved.

But if he said “no,” wouldn’t he be denying that he was a member of the Mu family? That was so difficult!

However, before he was put in a difficult position for a long time, someone helped him out, but the way of helping him wasn’t very good.

“Fourth Elder, Mu Tianyan injured our master.
How can we just let him go like this?”

Mu Jiankai looked at the Fourth Elder of the Mu family in disbelief and his tone was full of accusation.

“That’s right, Fourth Elder.
As the elder of the Mu family, how can you watch the family leader get injured and not help him?” Wu Huai also said furiously.

The Fourth Elder of the Mu family, who was criticized by the two juniors, immediately became sullen.

“It’s not up to you juniors to tell me what to do!”

As soon as he finished talking, a strong pressure suddenly burst out of the Fourth Elder of the Mu family and approached Mu Shiyou and the others.

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The legs of Mu Shiyou and the others immediately went soft and they suddenly knelt on the ground in a messy state.

Soon, the four of them breathed more and more rapidly, as if they were about to be crushed by the invisible pressure.
The sweat on their bodies even soaked their clothes.

“Fourth… Fourth Elder, we know we’re wrong.
Please… Please forgive us.”

Wu Huai was the first one to start begging for mercy.
Mu Jiankai and Mu Shiyou also started begging after him.

The Fourth Elder of the Mu family had never intended to make things difficult for them.
He only gave them a little warning and let them go.

“Hm! Leave now!” The Fourth Elder of the Mu family said coldly with his hands behind his back.

Even though Mu Shiyou was unwilling to accept this in her mind, she dared not to say anything rashly after seeing that their master didn’t say anything.

In the end, the three of them could only help their master into the car and left with the twenty disciples.

Before they came, they were valiant and full of energy.
When they left, they were like timid mice running with their heads in their arms.

Seeing the cars leaving quickly, a glint of coldness flashed through Mu Tianyan’s eyes.

He only promised his master that he wouldn’t kill the man, but he never said he wouldn’t cripple him.

During the last battle, he sent a beam of sword energy into Mu Sheng’s dantian.
Whenever Mu Sheng circulated his internal energy in the future, he would feel a piercing pain.

In serious cases, the sword energy would even cut through his dantian, making him lose his internal energy and finally becoming a useless person.

The Fourth Elder of the Mu family didn’t know about this, so he was a bit embarrassed when facing Mu Tianyan and Lu Zijia at this moment.

Lu Zijia had already released her deity-sense when she showed up, so she “saw” the scene where Mu Tianyan sent the sword energy into Mu Sheng’s dantian and she didn’t mind letting Mu Sheng and the others leave.

Seeing that the Fourth Elder of the Mu family stopped when he wanted to speak, Lu Zijia just looked at him and waited for him to speak.

However, after looking at the Fourth Elder of the Mu family for a while, he still didn’t speak.
Lu Zijia couldn’t help feeling frustrated.

Was this old man going to say something or not? If he didn’t speak, she would!

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