Lu Zijia said as she held the golden pagoda that was hugging her thigh in her hand, as if she was about to make a big move.

“Argh! Master, please show mercy! I’m just a cat, a cute pet cat, not a battle cat.
If you do this, you’ll be accused of abusing cats!”

Sensing that something was wrong, the golden pagoda immediately grabbed its master’s hand with all four limbs and complained about its master’s unkindness while crying at the same time.

However, Lu Zijia pretended not to hear it cry.
After casting a thunder spell on the golden pagoda, she threw it out again mercilessly.

Her Dharma weapon was still sealed in the space.
Without any Dharma weapon, she could only use the golden pagoda.

Alright, even though it was indeed a bit unkind, wasn’t there a saying that the capable should do more work?

Besides, the golden pagoda was so useful.
It would be a shame if she didn’t use it.
As its master, she couldn’t possibly neglect the ability of her contract spirit, could she?

Luckily, the golden pagoda didn’t know what its master was thinking in her mind, or it would definitely shout to the sky, “I’m definitely going to break off my relationship with my master! I’m going to break off our relationship!”

“Little bastard!”

Seeing Lu Zijia throw the black cat at him again, Mu Sheng was furious.
He stared at Lu Zijia and the golden pagoda as if he wanted to swallow them alive.

“Ohhh! Master, Master, this old man called you a little bastard.
Master, attack together quickly!”

The golden pagoda jumped on Mu Sheng’s body as it urged its master to help.

Lu Zijia put her hands on her waist.
It wasn’t that she didn’t hear the gloating tone in that thing’s voice.

This thing really wanted to see the world burn!

However, even though she complained in her mind, her movements weren’t slow at all.
She picked up the talismans she could use and her petite body rushed out.

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At the same time, the golden pagoda stopped dodging and deliberately slowed down to let Mu Sheng catch it.

“Hiss, hiss…”

The moment it was caught, the golden pagoda immediately activated the thunder spell Lu Zijia hid in its body and instantly struck Mu Sheng, who was enraged, making the surface of his body burnt.

However, in the eyes of others, what happened to Mu Sheng was the effect of being shocked by an electric current.

“Hahaha… The old man became charcoal.
The old man became charcoal.
So ugly, so ugly!”

The golden pagoda, which succeeded again, quickly slipped away while Mu Sheng was still in shock.
Its laughter was simply too complacent.

In fact, Mu Sheng couldn’t be considered like charcoal right now.
He was at least a bit fairer than the people in Africa, except that his hair was all standing up because of the electric current.
He was indeed a bit ugly.

Lu Zijia didn’t give Mu Sheng a chance to breathe at all.
The moment the golden pagoda slipped away, she threw the Explosive Talismans and the Gravity Talismans on Mu Sheng.

Seeing Lu Zijia throw out more than ten talismans at once like she didn’t care about money, He Lei and the others felt their hearts ache.

Prodigal, what a prodigal!

If they had such a prodigal disciple, they would definitely not be able to resist slapping her until she died.

When Mu Sheng collected himself, he was unusually furious.
His eyes became extremely red and his entire face was distorted severely.

At this moment, how would Mu Sheng still have the demeanor and image of a leader of a big family?

However, before he could fight back, he saw Lu Zijia throwing more than a dozen talismans at him, which made his eyes even redder.

“Bastard, how dare you!”

Mu Sheng shouted furiously and waved the long sword in his hand to slasb the talismans that were thrown at him crazily, as if he was treating those talismans as Lu Zijia and he couldn’t wait to split them all in half.

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