In fact, Mu Tianyan was not totally unscathed.
He had suffered some minor internal injuries, but he didn’t show it.

However, this made Mu Tianyan extremely excited.
He looked at the Sacred Dragon Sword in his hand with a rare enthusiasm in his eyes.

He had never thought that his wife’s inscription technique would be so impressive that the inscriptions could help him resist Mu Sheng’s attack head-on.

Even though he suffered a slight internal injury, it was still enough to surprise him.

Because he had never thought that he would be able to challenge someone above his level and not get injured since the beginning.

Mu Tianyan didn’t talk nonsense with Mu Sheng.
As if he didn’t see the disbelief in his eyes, he took the initiative to attack Mu Sheng again, like the God of War who never got tired.

“Bang! Bang, bang! Boom, boom!”

As the two of them fought, loud collisions and explosions constantly sounded.
After the surrounding disciples were affected a couple times, they immediately stayed away from the battlefield and only dared to watch from afar.

The five elders in the mansion certainly heard such a huge noise outside.

However, they weren’t in a hurry to go out.

Mu Tianyan didn’t ask them to leave, which meant that he didn’t mind them staying here.

However, Mu Tianyan didn’t ask them to go out with him when he went out either, meaning that he didn’t want them to get involved.

They stayed in the living room sensitively and waited for the result outside.

“What a huge commotion.” The white-browed elder, who was also the Second Elder of the Cao family, said.

“No, Yan is as courageous and insightful as usual.
I just wonder if his strength matches his courage and insight.” The Fourth Elder of the Mu family shook his head and exclaimed.

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“Hey, Fourth Elder, don’t worry.
Yan has extraordinary talent.
He might really be able to challenge someone beyond his level.”

Elder He Lei, who didn’t belong to any of the four largest families, said as if he thought highly of Mu Tianyan.

“That’s really a possibility.” The Third Elder of the Cao Family nodded and agreed with He Lei.

“Hey, are you really going to wait here and not go out?” The Fourth Elder of the Gu family glanced at the few of them and said in an urging tone.

“Old Gu, are you up to something again? Tell me about it.” The Second Elder of the Cao Family said as if he saw through him.

“Hey, what do you mean by I’m up to something again? Old man, you only know how to judge people by yourself.”

The Fourth Elder of the Gu family said unhappily, “Don’t forget why we come here every other day.

“If something happens to Mu Tianyan and we don’t help here, do you think we can still ask for pills when Old Qing finds out about it?

“Taking 10,000 steps back, put Old Qing aside, we just need to consider Old Qing’s disciple-in-law.

“If she finds out that we watched something happen to her husband and didn’t do anything to save him, we probably won’t be able to get any pills for our entire lives.

“Am I right?”

The Fourth Elder of the Gu family said righteously, looking like he was saying, “I have far-sighted.”

The eyes of the other four people immediately brightened after hearing that.
They all thought that it made sense, so they all went out one after another.

Alright, in fact, they had wanted to go out for a long time, but they had no excuse, so they kept staying in the house.

Now that they had such an open excuse, they would be frustrated to death if they didn’t get out!

And when the five of them went out, what they saw was the two people who fought from the ground to the air and then from the air to the ground.
Their attacks were fierce and destructive.

At the same time, the five of them couldn’t help but exclaim, “He’s indeed a peerless genius that only appears every few centuries.
His combat ability is so strong.”

Even though Mu Tianyan was at a disadvantage at the moment, it was already very impressive that he was well-matched with Mu Sheng, who was one level higher than him.

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