As a Martial Artist, talent was indeed important, but the most important thing was luck.

Because no matter how bad a person’s talent was, he could possibly succeed in one step because of his luck and become someone superior.

Just like Mu Tianyan, he, who was originally thought to be a loser the rest of his life, had regained his luck now! This made Mu Sheng extremely jealous in his mind.

Not only was he extremely talented, but he was so lucky as well.
He was simply the Son of Destiny!

But so what if he was the Son of Destiny? If he dared to challenge him, he would make this Son of Destiny fall completely at his hands!

Even though Mu Sheng was thinking too much in his mind, it was only for a second.
At the critical moment, he moved quickly and dodged Mu Tianyan’s attack.

At the same time, Mu Sheng gathered all the internal energy in his body into his palm, jumped and smacked Mu Tianyan with all his strength.

Mu Yunhao and the others saw Mu Sheng’s all-out attack and they couldn’t help feeling nervous in their minds.

Even though they trusted their Second Master in their minds, they couldn’t help but worry rationally.

Mu Shiyou, on the other hand, smiled creepily.
So her master wanted to kill Mu Tianyan as well.
How nice!

As long as Mu Tianyan was dead, nobody would be able to threaten her position among the younger generation of the Mu family anymore.

Feeling Mu Sheng’s deadly attack, Mu Tianyan’s expression didn’t change.
He wielded the long sword in his hand to fight back.

He had never had a proper battle since he recovered.
Besides, he also wanted to try the effects of the inscriptions drawn by his wife himself.

After Lu Zijia drew a defensive inscription on Mu Tianyan’s Sacred Dragon Sword, she also drew an attacking inscription.

She originally wanted to draw another inscription, but she wasn’t capable enough at that time.
Two inscriptions were already her limit.

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Seeing that Mu Tianyan was not only not dodging, but also prepared to go head-to-head to his full-strength attack, Mu Sheng’s eyes were full of disdain.
He thought that Mu Tianyan was totally reckless.

So what if Mu Tianyan had restored his power? Mu Tianyan was at most at level five of Ancient Martial Arts, while he was at level six of Ancient Martial Arts, one level higher than Mu Tianyan.

Don’t think that the difference of one level was small.
In fact, there was a huge difference.

In the knowledge of Martial Artists, a level-five Ancient Martial Artist would never be able to win a level-six Ancient Martial Artist.

So, in the eyes of Mu Yunhao and the others, Mu Tianyan was just bringing a knife to a gunfight and trying to get himself killed!

However, they soon realized that they were totally wrong.

Mu Tianyan circulated his internal energy and infused all the internal energy in his body into the long sword in his hand.
The long sword that was shining with cold light instantly made a humming sound.

The next second, Mu Tianyan held the long sword with both hands and slashed it down fiercely, as if he was going to cut something open in the middle.


The moment Mu Tianyan’s sword clashed with Mu Sheng’s attack, a loud sound was heard, which made the disciples below cover their ears.

Mu Tianyan wasn’t defeated when he went against Mu Sheng’s first attack as those disciples thought.
Instead, he was still unscathed, like the God of War had arrived.


Mu Sheng widened his eyes with disbelief that couldn’t hold back.
Even his hands were shaking slightly uncontrollably.

How was this possible? How was this possible?

After Mu Tianyan used his internal energy, he could clearly feel that Mu Tianyan was only at level five of Ancient Martial Arts.
How could he possibly take the full-strength attack without getting injured?

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