“What’s going on?”

Mu Sheng also got out of the car at this moment.
Seeing that his two disciples were frozen on the spot, he frowned in displeasure.

“M-Master, he… he…”

Mu Jiankai swallowed and pointed at Mu Tianyan with a trembling hand.

Mu Sheng looked in the direction he was pointing at.
His initial displeasure instantly turned into shock, but he quickly put on a serious face and his eyes became dark.

After a while, he looked at Mu Shiyou behind him.

Mu Shiyou’s heart tightened under his gaze and her face turned pale unconsciously.

“Master, only his legs are healed.
The doctor said back then that he would never be able to cultivate again in this life.” Mu Shiyou braced herself and said with a lowered voice, trying her best to look normal.

In fact, that doctor even said that Mu Tianyan would never be able to stand up again in his life, but now, Mu Tianyan did.

What did this mean? It meant that Mu Tianyan might have completely regained his power!

And yet, if Mu Tianyan really regained his power, why didn’t he go back to the main Mu Family?

Mu Sheng judged people by himself and obviously turned this into a conspiracy.

“Tianyan, why didn’t you tell the Great Elder that you’ve recovered? Do you know how much effort the Great Elder spent on you these years?” Mu Sheng asked Mu Tianyan as if nothing had happened.

As if he wasn’t the one who tried so hard to kick Mu Tianyan out of the family back then.

Mu Tianyan restrained his power on purpose.
Mu Sheng wasn’t sure if Mu Tianyan had also restored his power, so he could only test him.

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Mu Tianyan was expressionless and there was only coldness in his deep eyes.
“I said I would come back to the main family to find you back then.
Since you’re here now, I’ll end this here.”

As soon as he finished talking, Mu Tianyan took out the Sacred Dragon Sword that had been with him for so many years and pointed it at Mu Sheng.

The Sacred Dragon Sword was even more dazzling right now than it was back then.

“Mu Tianyan, are you rebelling? Do you know who is standing in front of you?”

Seeing that Mu Tianyan was apparently going to have a duel with Mu Sheng, Mu Shiyou couldn’t help but scream with a hint of fear in her voice.

If Mu Tianyan really dared to fight with her master, it meant that Mu Tianyan had truly restored his power!

Once Mu Tianyan regained his power, she would lose all the glory she had right now!

She might even become the laughing stock of the Mu family!

Thinking of the scene where she might become a joke in the future, strong ruthlessness emerged in Mu Shiyuan’s eyes.

No, she must not let Mu Tianyan return to the main family, absolutely not!


Mu Yunhao sneered and looked at Mu Shiyou with ridicule.
“Do you really think you’re the emperor?”

Even if the Mu family was the most powerful family in the Martial Arts World, Mu Sheng couldn’t be the emperor.
They couldn’t forget that there were elders above them!

“Get ready.”

Mu Tianyan didn’t even glance at Mu Shiyou.
After saying two words coldly, he suddenly rushed forward.

Mu Yunhao and the others knew that their Second Master wanted to settle things with Mu Sheng alone, so they didn’t go up to help, but they were on guard against any small movements made by Mu Shiyou and the others.

Feeling the strong internal energy surging out of Mu Tianyan’s body, Mu Sheng’s pupils shrank abruptly and the disdain in his mind immediately turned into shock and caution.

Mu Sheng stared at Mu Tianyan who rushed up and wielded his long sword at him with a cold gaze.
“You’ve really recovered.
You’re really lucky.”

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