Hearing the footsteps, the four elders of the Zhang family were immediately delighted, thinking that the disciple-in-law Taoist Mu Qing talked about had come down.

However, when they saw that it was Mu Tianyan, the four members of the Zhang family were immediately disappointed.

And yet, when they noticed Mu Tianyan’s level, they were startled and their eyes were full of disbelief.

They had already heard about Mu Tianyan regaining his power before, but they still couldn’t believe it.

Now that they saw it with their own eyes, they finally believed that what Taoist Mu Qing said wasn’t fake at all.

Not only was it not fake, he was even humble!

Taoist Mu Qing said that his disciple recovered two to three months ago, but in just two to three months, he went from a disabled person to a level-five Ancient Martial Artist.
This was simply unbelievable!

No, it should be called a miracle, a miracle!

Seeing the shocked expressions of the four elders of the Zhang family, Taoist Mu Qing immediately became proud again.

“Hahaha, you’re indeed my disciple.
You’re so outstanding! You’ll definitely surpass me in the future.” Taoist Mu Qing said as he sincerely felt happy for his disciple.

What happened to his apprentice back then had always troubled him in his mind.
Until today, his concern was finally removed.

Perhaps because of the changes in his mind or because he had taken too many pills lately, Taoist Mu Qing’s cultivation level, which had been stuck for many years, showed signs of breaking through.

This discovery made Taoist Mu Qing wild with joy.
After saying goodbye to the others in a hurry, he returned to his room and went into seclusion.

Watching Taoist Mu Qing leave quickly, the four elders of the Zhang family all looked envious.

It was so nice to have a disciple-in-law who was an alchemist.
No matter how bad their cultivation talent was, they could still use pills to increase their ;evel.
Why didn’t they have such luck?

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com ,Please!

They were truly envious, jealous and resentful!

With his master gone, Mu Tianyan, as the disciple and the owner of the old mansion of the Mu family, certainly took up the responsibility of hosting the guests.

“What brings you here, seniors?” Mu Tianyan asked directly after the members of the Zhang family sat down.

The members of the Zhang family knew very well that Mu Tianyan was indifferent by nature, so they didn’t mind his directness.
Instead, they liked it.

After all, it was too tiring to deal with people who liked to beat around the bush.

The members of the Zhang family also answered directly and told him why they came here.

Of course, they didn’t mention that Taoist Mu Qing deliberately caused trouble just then.

After all, Mu Tianyan was Taoist Mu Qing’s disciple.
Who knew if Mu Tianyan would help his bastard master to “bully” the elders?

Mu Tianyan nodded slightly after hearing that.
“Please wait a second, seniors.”

After that, Mu Tianyan got up and walked towards his wife’s alchemy room.

The alchemy room was on the first floor and it was about 70 square meters.
Apart from a few alchemy furnaces, there were also two large wooden shelves against the wall for storing pills and herbs.

Before Lu Zijia went into seclusion, she had already refined all the pills for the Zhang family.

However, there were really too many orders.
Lu Zijia was almost driven mad when she filled in the names on the delivery order forms, so the secret guards decided to take full responsibility for it.

Apart from being responsible for safety, they also had to fill in the delivery order forms at the same time.
It was truly too difficult.

And now, it couldn’t be better that the members of the Zhang family could come to get the delivery themselves.
They were so happy that they almost burst into tears.

After entering the alchemy room for a while, Mu Tianyan came out with two 15-inch wooden boxes.

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