Taoist Mu Qing gritted his teeth secretly.
500,000 yuan for one pill.
That wasn’t just a good deal.
He totally had some dumb luck!

Zhang Munian, who was mentioned by name, waved his hand with a wry smile to show his existence.

Damn, why did Taoist Mu Qing look at him like he had a grudge against him?

He clearly remembered that he had never offended this Great Elder of the Mu family, who was rumored to be very unruly!

“Haha, you’re here to get the delivery!”

Taoist Mu Qing suddenly put on a fake smile, which made the four elders of the Zhang family immediately have a bad feeling.

As expected, reality proved that their bad feeling was right.

“Have you forgotten that the person who sold you the pills is my disciple’s wife? As long as I ask, do you believe that those pills won’t even be in your hands after 100 years?”

Taoist Mu Qing suddenly put on airs and tidied his clothes slowly with a complacent look on his old face.

The four elders of the Zhang family: “!!!”

Damn! Old Qing, this bastard, was truly a bastard as always!

“Old Qing, what you’re doing is meaningless.
We’ve paid for it.” The Second Elder of the Zhang family said a bit nervously.

Taoist Mu Qing said indifferently, “Aren’t they still in the hands of my disciple’s wife? As long as she says there’s no more stock, she can just settle the refund for you directly.”

Hm! These bastards thought that he couldn’t do anything to them because they didn’t have to exchange for pills with him?

They wanted to fight against him? Dream on!

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“We’ve already paid.
How would the money not be in the hands of your disciple’s wife? Old Qing, aren’t you lying through your teeth?” The Third Elder of the Zhang family said.

“Right, Old Qing, there are four of us.
Are you sure you want to fight?” The Fourth Elder of the Zhang family took a step forward, looking like he wasn’t afraid of fighting.

“Hehe, you old fogeys are indeed old fogeys.
The delivery hasn’t even reached the customers.
How would the money possibly go to my discuple’s wife?”

Taoist Mu Qing looked at the four of them with disdain and immediately waved at Zhang Munian, who continued to act like an invisible person on the side.
“Come, come, young man, tell these old fogeys if your money has reached my disciple’s wife.”

Zhang Munian, who was implicated even when he was an invisible person: “…”

What was going on these days? It was so difficult to be an invisible person standing aside silently!

Under the gaze of five pairs of eyes, Zhang Munian bit the bullet and shook his head.
“The delivery hasn’t reached the customers yet.
Before the customers confirm receiving delivery, the money the customers pay when placing the order is with the third party.”

“Haha, did you four old fogeys hear that clearly? Your money is with the third party!” Taoist Mu Qing smiled complacently.

The four elders of the Zhang family: “!!!” They really wanted to gang up on this complacent old fellow in front of them!

“Ahem, Old Qing, you’re an upright, selfless man with a bigger heart than the ocean.
You wouldn’t mind unimportant people like us, right?”

The Great Elder of the Zhang family was the first one to know when to yield, so he flattered Taoist Mu Qing shamelessly.

The other three eldered echoed one after another, looking like they wanted to flatter Taoist Mu Qing to the sky.

Their attitude before and after this simply made Zhang Munian on the side a bit dumbfounded.
He even suspected he was hallucinating.

Taoist Mu Qing didn’t really want to make things difficult for them.
After hearing what they said for a while, he also intended to talk.

However, at this moment, footsteps came from upstairs.

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