After the five elders finished exchanging, Taoist Mu Qing only had one Vitality Pill left.

One of the elders even wanted to buy the last Vitality Pill with money, but Taoist Mu Qing rejected him.

Looking at the five people who were meditating to refine the medicinal power of the pills, Taoist Mu Qing chuckled silently.

“Oh right, there’s one more thing I forgot to tell you.
My disciple’s wife opened an online store for pills.
Both kinds of pills cost 500,000 yuan each.”

The five people who were meditating and absorbing the medicinal power of the pills: “!!!”

Damn, what happened to their friendship?

They were sold at 500,000 yuan on the online store, but he sold them at three million yuan, this bastard was totally wicked!

If it weren’t for the fact that they had to absorb the medicinal power of the pills in one go, the five of them would have immediately beaten Taoist Mu Qing up together.

Damn, he had totally gone too far!

“However, I heard from my disciple that he helped increase the prices of the pills on the online store.
2.5 million for one pill and each person can purchase up to ten pills per day.”

Taoist Mu Qing shook his legs and admired the mad expressions of his old friends very happily.

The five of them who were angered quite badly: “!!!” They were indeed master and disciple.
They were both so wicked!

They even limited the amount of purchase.
Ten was far from enough for them!

Ahem, alright, this was a bit exaggerated, but there were only ten pills every day.
There were so many of them here.
How were they supposed to split them?

After appreciating the various changes in the expressions of these old friends, Taoist Mu Qing took the pile of white steel stones he got, patted his butt and left coolly.

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If he didn’t leave now, wouldn’t he be beaten up? He wasn’t stupid!

At the old mansion of the Mu family.

“Great Elder, the members of the Zhang family are here for you.
They’ve been waiting in the living room for more than an hour.”

As soon as Taoist Mu Qing stepped into the iron gate of the old mansion, a guard came out and said.

Taoist Mu Qing was first startled when he heard that, then she understood what happened.

Before Taoist Mu Qing entered the mansion, four white-haired elders came out in a hurry with someone behind them.

And this person was Lu Zijia’s first customer, Zhang Munian.

“Old Qing, where did you go to fool around again? We’ve waited for you for so long.” The Great Elder of the Zhang family took the lead and said to Taoist Mu Qing.

“Hey, why are you waiting for me?”

Taoist Mu Qing put his hands behind his back, looking like a sage-like master.
“Didn’t you say you weren’t coming before? Why are you here again now?

“Hey, you guys, you’re just not decisive enough.
You keep changing your mind and are inconsistent with your words.
How can you set an example for your disciples?”

Hearing Taoist Mu Qing’s pretentious lesson, the elders of the Zhang family only felt a slight pain in their hearts.

Damn, among these old men, Mu Qing was the most unreliable one.
And now, he was even lecturing them.
He was truly… shameless!

“Fine, fine, whatever you say, old man.
Didn’t you say that your disciple’s wife refined some pills of excellent quality before? Show them to us first.”

The Second Elder of the Zhang family was anxious in his mind.
He didn’t want to talk nonsense with Taoist Mu Qing and directly admitted defeat.

The other three elders of the Zhang family also had the same attitude.

Seeing them like this, although Taoist Mu Qing won, he didn’t have a sense of accomplishment he used to have in the past at all.

“Hey, why are you in such a hurry? I’m thirsty.
I want a cup of tea first.”

Taoist Mu Qing said as he walked into the mansion slowly like a master.

Those old bastards of the Zhang family said before that he must have gone crazy about pills, which was why he imagined a disciple’s wife who could refine pills.
He was totally enraged then.

He would be letting himself down if he didn’t make these bastards anxious right now.

The four elders of the Zhang family were old friends who had known Taoist Mu Qing for many years.
They knew clearly what he was like.

Seeing Taoist Mu Qing’s attitude, it was obvious that he did it on purpose!

The four elders of the Zhang family looked at each other.
The next moment, when Taoist Mu Qing was caught off guard, the four of them immediately lifted him up and rushed into the living room of the mansion quickly.

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