“What do you mean shameless? We’re just discussing the price with you nicely.”

“Right, right, we should discuss the deal properly in the first place.
The price should be discussed even more.”

In fact, in order to exchange for more pills, they didn’t need their dignity.

Of course, they couldn’t say that out loud.


Taoist Mu Qing glared at them.
“We’ve already agreed on the price.
Why are you still talking about it? You can’t lower the price!

“Three pieces of White Steel Stones for one pill.
It’s up to you whether you want to exchange them or not.
If you don’t want to exchange them, forget it.

These shameless old men even laughed at him for bragging before and now they wanted to lower his price.
Dream on!

“Hey, Old Qing, your disciple’s wife is already an alchemist.
You definitely won’t lack pills in the future.
You’re so stingy.
Aren’t you losing your demeanor?”

“Right, right, Old Qing, we’re friends of life and death after all.
Wouldn’t it destroy our relationship if we talk about price?”

“With our relationship, if I also have a disciple-in-law who’s an alchemist, I’ll directly give you a few pills for free.”

The five elders talked one after another, trying to persuade Taoist Mu Qing to lower the price for them.

However, Mu Qing remained unmoved.
“What’s demeanor? Do I have that?”

The five elders: “…” Old Qing was as shameless as ever.

“How are you shameless enough to talk about your relationship with me? Who was the one who laughed at me for being whimsical and said that I was hallucinating?”

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The five elders: “…” It was them.

“You want to have a disciple’s wife who’s an alchemist too? Go back and daydream for a few days first!”

The five elders: “…” A metaphor, that was a metaphor, alright? Old Qing really knew how to twist things on purpose!

Seeing that they really couldn’t persuade Taoist Mu Qing and that they couldn’t snatch them by force either, they could only grit their teeth and accept it.

“I only have five pieces of White Steel Stones.
I still need one more to exchange for two pills.
What should I do?” A white-browed elder said.

“What should you do? Of course, bring me something to make up for it!”

Taoist Mu Qing said naturally.
He even looked like he was saying, “You old fellows, don’t even think about taking advantage of me.”

Even though the five of them wanted to beat Taoist Mu Qing up, they still endured it for the sake of the pills.

They would let this damned old man be complacent for a while.
After getting the pills, they would beat this annoying old man up!

Taoist Mu Qing, who didn’t know that he was about to be beaten up, knocked on the table with his hand.
“Hurry up, hurry up.
If you don’t have enough stones, get something to make up for it.

“First come, first served.
If the pills are gone because you’re too slow, you can’t blame me.”

Hearing that, the five of them immediately stopped talking and took out the things they prepared.

“I have eight White Steel Stones here.
I have the most stones.
Give me three pills first and I’ll give you an Exorcizing Talisman.”

A slightly chubby elder pushed the things in front of Taoist Mu Qing and said anxiously.

Even though the combat strength of Martial Artists was stronger than that of Taoist Masters, there were still some occasions where Taoist Masters were useful.

For example, they could use the talismans drawn by Taoist Masters if there was dark energy in the places where they went for missions.

So, Martial Artists and Taoist Masters generally wouldn’t become enemies.

Glancing at the Exorcizing Talisman that the slightly chubby old man took out, Taoist Mu Qing said with a disgusted look, “My disciple’s wife doesn’t lack talismans.
Change it.”

“She doesn’t lack talismans? How is that possible?” The slightly chubby old man blurted out subconsciously.

Because everyone in this world knew that Taoist Masters only focused on one skill.

For example, it was impossible for someone who knew how to draw talismans to know how to refine pills, and vice versa.

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