Zhong Chengwei went forward to stop Madam Zhong and shook his head slightly, telling her not to be impulsive.

“Give them a call and tell them that the Zhong family is here to apologize.” Zhong Chengwei said to the guard.

The guard rejected without thinking.
“I’m sorry.
Du has already specifically told us that no matter which member of the Zhong family came, or what you’re here for, we can’t let you go in.

“Guards like us are only doing our job.
You big shots shouldn’t make things difficult for us.”

The guard’s stubborn attitude made Zhong Chengwei, who was quite tolerant, change his expression uncontrollably.

At this moment, the people in the cars behind got out one after another to see what was going on.

When they saw the members of the Zhong family, they were immediately amused.

“Hey, aren’t the few people blocking the way at the front members of the Zhong family? Why are they here? They aren’t thinking of abducting the little grandchild of the Du family again, are they?”

“It’s really possible.
After all, there will be a second time after the first time.
There might even be a third time!”

“Tsk, tsk.
After abducting the grandson of the Du family, they are still shameless enough to come here.
Aren’t they a bit thick-skinned?”

“I know right? You may not know, but the reason why the Du family only has one small beauty company left right now is because the Zhong family swallowed all the other companies of the Du family.

“In the beginning, they said that they were going to help the Du family manage the company.
But after that, it became the Zhong family’s company.”

“Really? There’s such a thing?”

“Why would I lie to you? You’ll know if you ask someone to check.”

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“If that’s true, the members of the Zhong family are truly greedy.
They even prey on their in-laws.”

“Right, when the Master of the Du family divorced the Second Lady of the Zhong family, he gave all his property to her in exchange for the custody of the Du family’s little grandson.

“And yet, when the Du family got better, the Second Lady of the Zhong family took the initiative to propose to remarry.
The Master of the Du family wasn’t willing to do so and she even kidnapped her son to the Zhong family.

“After being discovered by the Du family, she actually said that she missed her son, so she brought him to the Zhong family.

“But if she really missed him, why didn’t she spend more time with her son when she was with the Du family? Why did she only miss her son when they got divorced and the Du family revived?

“Anyone who isn’t dumb can see the truth behind this.
The Zhong family really wants to treat the Du family as fools.”

Hearing discussion of those people behind that they made no secret, the members of the Zhong family all turned pale.

However, this wasn’t what embarrassed them the most.
What embarrassed them the most was yet to come!

“People in front, do you want to go in or not? If not, make way quickly.
Don’t you know that people are in a hurry?”

“That’s right.
They know that they aren’t welcomed, but they still have to come here.
They’re truly embarrassing themselves.”

“It doesn’t matter if they embarrass themselves.
What’s important is that they’re getting in our way.
Quick, guards, kick the annoying people away!”

“That’s right, that’s right.
How would the Du family possibly meet such greedy people? If I were them, I would definitely use a broom to beat them up.
It’s best if I can beat them until they’re crippled!”

“Right, get out of here! If you make us late and we can’t get the scar removal ointment, I’ll not let the Zhong family go!”

“That’s right, get lost.
The Zhong family is greedy.
Get lost quickly!”

Hearing the words “get lost” that become louder and louder, the members of the Zhong family felt extremely ashamed and furious.

Did you eat dog sh*t today? Otherwise, why are you so sharp-tongued?”

Madam Zhong was the first one who couldn’t bear the shame and anger.
She turned around and started scolding those people furiously.

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