s, the Du family has Mu Yunhao behind them.
Even though I don’t know what the relationship between the Du family and Mu Yunhao is, you’ve seen what happened to the Guo family.

“Dad, do you want the Zhong family to become the next Guo family?”

As Zhong Chengwei analyzed, the expressions of the members of the Zhong family couldn’t help changing.
As for whether they had the same thoughts in their minds, no one knew.

After a long silence, Mr.
Zhong still nodded.
“Alright, we’ll do as you say.”

Ever since the Du family declined, Mr.
Zhong had always looked down on the members of the Du family.
Even though he really didn’t want to yield to the Du family, he still chose to give in for the company he had been managing meticulously for so many years.

“Then I’ll go and get ready.
All of us will go together later.” Zhong Chengwei said.

“All of us? Me too?”

Zhong Qingran, who had been sitting on the side to be an invisible person, couldn’t help feeling a bit offended after hearing what Zhong Chengwei said.

Zhong Chengwei glanced at her indifferently.
“You’re Du Jinqian’s wife.
Of course you have to go.”

Zhong Qingran frowned.
“We’re already divorced.
Besides, if I still go to the Du family after what happened last time, wouldn’t I become a laughing stock if this spreads out?”

After being humiliated by Du Jinqian last time, she already hated Du Jinqian deeply in her mind.
How would she be willing to go there herself and be humiliated by the Du family again?

“If you don’t want to go, you can move out of the Zhong family.
As long as you move out of the Zhong family, you’ll have nothing to do with the Zhong family.
By then, it won’t matter if you go to the Du family or not.”

Zhong Chengwei said mercilessly, showing no intention of respecting his sister, Zhong Qingran.

As expected, Zhong Qingran’s face immediately became sullen.

“Brother, what are you talking about? This is my home too.
Why should I move out?” Zhong Qingran glared at Zhong Chengwei furiously, as if they weren’t siblings but enemies.

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