Chapter 732: The Current Situation of the Zhong Family (1)

Everyone in the upper-class society knew about this.

Therefore, those who wanted to make a request to the Du family drew a clear boundary with the Zhong family, making the Zhong family like a plague right now, which almost everyone avoided.

The Zhong family.

“I heard that our company’s stock price dropped again, right?”

The members of the Zhong family sat in the living room silently.
In the end, it was Madam Zhong who finally spoke.

The others didn’t reply after hearing that, but it made the atmosphere in the living room even heavier.

“Say something!”

Seeing that none of them spoke, Madam Zhong could only stare at them and directly called someone out.
“Guo Meiyun, tell me, why would the Zhong family’s company be implicated when something happens to your family?

“Those immoral things were clearly done by your mother.
What has it got to do with our family? Why must our family be dragged in for nothing? What is happening?”

Madam Zhong’s accusation made Guo Meiyun, who lowered her head and tried to hide her presence, tremble.
She said with an aggrieved voice, “Mom, the company’s stock price has been falling again lately.
It has nothing to do with what happened to my mom.

“The stock price of the company dropped because the Du family’s remarks before affected our company.”

“Bullshit! Is the Du family that capable? So what if they’re doing well now? Isn’t it just a small beauty company?

“Compared to our family, the Du family is nothing!”

Madam Zhong apparently didn’t believe what Guo Meiyun said and only thought that she was deliberately shirking the responsibility.

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“Seriously, why did my son choose a wife like you out of so many women?

“It’s fine if you can’t help our family, but you even want to drag our family down.
You’re truly a bane!”

Because Guo Meiyun looked like Guo Qianhe, she had been pampered and spoiled by Guo Qianhe since she was little.

Even after marrying into the Zhong family, the Zhong family would also turn a blind eye to what Guo Meiyun did for the sake of the Guo family.
But now that Guo Qianhe was in trouble, Madam Zhong certainly wouldn’t tolerate her anymore.

“Mom, how can you say that about me? For so many years, I’ve worked hard even if I didn’t get any credit.
Besides, My mom has also helped the Zhong family a lot throughout these years.

“Something has just happened to my mom and you’re already calling me a bane.
Don’t you think this is too chilling?!”

Guo Meiyun had been pampered since she was young, so she certainly wasn’t someone who would tolerate people.
Hearing that what Madam Zhong said was getting too far, she immediately refuted.

However, her retort immediately angered Mother Zhong like igniting her fuse and she immediately flew into rage.


Madam Zhong banged on the table and stood up, pointing at Guo Meiyun with one hand.
“Great, not only did you drag our family down, but you even dare to go against me, your mother-in-law!

“Alright, alright, you’re impressive.
You’re really impressive.
Since you’re so impressive, get out of the Zhong family and go back to the Guo family to be their Young Lady!”

As soon as Madam Zhong said this, Guo Meiyun also was also enraged abruptly.
She suddenly got up and went against Madam Zhong.

“Mom, don’t go too far.
The company has already been having a problem.
Why do you have to put the blame on me? What are you up to?

“You used to compliment me for everything in front of my mom.
And now, you want to kick me out of the house after something happened to my mom.
You’ve gone too far! Let me tell you, it’s impossible to kick me out.
Even if I die, I’ll die in the Zhong family!”

Guo Meiyun was so furious that she was about to fall out with Madam Zhong.


When Madam Zhong was enraged and was about to say something even more outrageous, Mr.
Zhong, who had been silent, spoke.

“Our family is already in chaos.
Why are you still making more trouble? What have you made our family look like now? If both of you continue making trouble, get out of the Zhong family!”

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