“Thank you, thank you so much.
You’re a living Buddha, a living Buddha!”

Sun took the two bottles of scar removal ointment carefully and couldn’t help but burst into tears again.
“But, I wonder how much these two bottles of ointment cost?

“This ointment is so effective.
It should be very expensive, right? I… Can I pay in installments? Don’t worry, I’ll definitely not go back on my words.
I can even write an IOU and stamp my fingerprint on it.”

Apparently, Mr.
Sun had never thought that Lu Zijia would give them the scar removal ointment for free from the beginning.

Although Madam Sun didn’t say anything, she nodded and looked at Lu Zijia with a begging look.

Lu Zijia smiled and shook her head.
“They’re for free.
Didn’t we agree just now? As long as your daughter answers my question, I’ll give you the scar removal ointment.

“I’m just keeping my promise right now.
If I take your money, I’ll be dishonest.

“Three Treasures has always been honest.
I hope you can accept these two bottles of scar removal ointment.
If you think the effect is good, just help us promote it.”

Hearing what Lu Zijia said, the three members of the Sun family started crying again and they immediately wanted to kneel down to Lu Zijia.

“Thank you, thank you.
You’re all good people and living Buddhas.
You’ll definitely live a long life.”

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The “you” mentioned by the three members of the Sun family certainly included the Du brothers.

Lu Zijia quickly stepped forward to stop them, preventing them from really kneeling down.

Since they couldn’t kneel, the three members of the Sun family could only thank Lu Zijia and the Du brothers constantly.

“Aren’t the people of Three Treasures too kind? Not only did they not get mad at the members of the Sun family, they even gave them two bottles of scar removal ointment for free.”

“Right, if I were them, I wouldn’t be so forgiving.
If this matter isn’t dealt with properly, Three Treasures might not be able to continue operating and might go bankrupt.”

“So, Three Treasures is pretty good.
How would such a conscientious company possibly make bad products and sell them?”

“That’s true, but didn’t Three Treasures not give an explanation for the incident last time? The matter was still left unresolved in the end.
Is it considered acquiescing to it?”

“That sounds right.
So, is Three Treasures good or bad?”

“They should be good.
After all, the test was done in public just then.
Even if we don’t understand the test data, we can still take it to the hospital to ask the doctor!”

“Wouldn’t that be too troublesome?”

“So what if it’s troublesome? It’s fine as long as the products are useful.”

“That’s right.
Although the new products of Three Treasures are a bit expensive, it’s still worth the money.

“The effect of one whitening facial mask has the effect of a whole box of other products!

“Besides, Three Treasures’ whitening facial masks make you feel so good when you put them on and after you use them! That feeling really fascinates me!

“If it weren’t for the limited amount of purchase, I would have bought dozens of boxes to store at home.”

As soon as the person said this, people who had used Three Treasures’s new product all nodded to express their agreement.

And those who had never used them before couldn’t help feeling a bit jealous in their minds.
They secretly made up their minds to buy a box when they got home to see if the products were really that effective.

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However, what they didn’t know was that Three Treasures’ new products were too popular.
Even if they made up their minds to buy them, they might not necessarily be able to buy anything.

Hearing the discussions of the people around, the Du brothers heaved a sigh of relief secretly.

Even though they won this time, they were still afraid that it would affect the sales of the products.

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