Lu Zijia took two steps forward and stopped her.

“Miss Shi, even if you want to leave, you have to wait for the police to arrive.
My uncle has already called the cops.
The cops will be here soon.
You don’t have to wait for long.”

Lu Zijia said as she raised her chin slightly and pointed at the Du brothers.

Everyone looked over and saw that Du Jinli just hung up.

“Our company has already given everyone an explanation.
Now, as one of the person-in-charge of Three Treasures, I also want to seek justice for our company.”

Du Jinli put the phone back into his pocket and looked at Shi Yingying with a smile.
“I hope you can cooperate, Miss Shi.
If you’re not guilty, you certainly don’t have to be afraid.”

After pausing for a second, Du Jinli added, “The same goes to the three members of the Sun family.”

The three members of the Sun family looked fine on the outside, but it was hard to guarantee that they didn’t miss anything.
So, whether it was Shi Yingying, who was obviously up to something, or the three members of the Sun family, they had to investigate them.

Hearing that the police would be here, the three members of the Sun family were also quite frightened, but after hearing what Du Jinli said after that, they felt a bit more relieved.

After all, they were really here to seek justice for their daughter.
They had never thought about anything else.

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A few people hiding in the crowd saw that the situation wasn’t good and they secretly left the crowd.

Lu Zijia’s deity-sense scanned the few people who left, but she didn’t chase after them.
Instead, she let them leave.

“I… I don’t want to go to the police station.
I didn’t do anything.
Why should I go to the police station? I’m not going.
I’m not going!”

Shi Yingying suddenly got emotional and she wanted to push Lu Zijia away to escape.

However, Lu Zijia moved aside without warning and Shi Yingying’s hands missed, causing her to fall to the ground.


Shi Yingying, who fell on the ground, accidentally knocked her forehead and immediately screamed.

Lu Zijia raised her hands with an innocent look.
“I believe everyone saw it.
I didn’t touch her at all.
She fell herself.
It’s not me.”

Everyone: “…” Why did they feel like that innocent face was asking for a beating?

“Miss Shi, please tell me where you bought your acne removal solution.

“Otherwise, this will really make me doubt if you deliberately swapped our company’s products and came to our company to extort money.

“Once you’re convicted of extortion, apart from going to jail, you’ll also have to compensate our company with a sum of money.
After all, our company’s reputation was damaged because of your behavior.

“But the compensation we want isn’t much.
Just one million.” Lu Zijia said as if she was very generous.

Everyone: “…” One million wasn’t much?

Judging from Shi Yingying’s outfit, she was obviously not a kid from a rich family.
One million was already an astronomical figure!

Everyone was impressed by Lu Zijia’s threatening number.

“One… One million?!”

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Hearing that she had to pay one million yuan, Shi Yingying was directly frightened and her body started trembling uncontrollably.

“It’s… It’s… It’s none of my business.
It’s really none of my business.
I didn’t buy it.
Someone gave it to me.

“Right! Someone gave it to me.
If you want compensation, go ask that person.
It has nothing to do with me!”

Shi Yingying finally couldn’t bear the pressure of being suppressed by Lu Zijia and she told the truth.

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