Chapter 67: Showing What She’s Got the First Time (1)

However, before he finished talking, Lu Zijia smiled and said, “You want to ask about your wife?”

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The driver was immediately more excited and he quickly nodded constantly, “That’s right.
Master, you’re awesome! You’ve already known before I even said anything.”

Compared to the driver’s belief in Lu Zijia, people around were thinking the opposite.
They thought that the two of them were a team.

If not, how would Lu Zijia know what the driver wanted to ask before he said anything?

Even Master Dedao, who was quite capable, couldn’t do this?

Together with the driver’s “exaggerated” reaction, everyone was already certain that the two of them were partners.

The driver didn’t know what the passersby around were thinking in their minds.
He only believed that Lu Zijia was truly a living immortal right now.

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“So, master, my wife…”

His wife had been unconscious since she was sent to the hospital yesterday and the doctors even discovered that she had cancer.
Luckily, it was still at an early stage.
She would very likely be alright after a surgery.

However, the problem was that a large amount of money was needed for the surgery.
He had already borrowed money from everyone he could, but he still hadn’t got more than half of it.

He showed up in Lingde Street because he just so happened to walk past after borrowing money from his friend.

The driver was looking gloomy at this moment and there was a hint of frustration between his eyebrows.

Lu Zijia could see a layer of faint halo around his body.
Apparently, a life changer would show up again after he encountered difficulties.

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“Your family should be rich and was a famous charitable family in the few previous generations, right?”

Lu Zijia didn’t answer his question and suddenly changed the subject.

Even though the driver was confused, he still answered honestly, “Right, I heard my grandpa said that the generation of my grandpa’s grandpa was still rich.

“Unfortunately, my grandpa’s father got addicted to gambling and lost all the family’s property in the end, which shattered the entire family.”

The driver was suddenly shocked and he reacted in hindsight, “Master, how did you know that?”

Even though he liked to chat with the customers who took his taxi, he had never talked about his family.

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So, this master really saw that just by looking at his face?

Thinking of this possibility, the driver couldn’t help but put his hands together and bow to Lu Zijia again with admiration on his face.

If it weren’t that he was worried he would scare the master, he even wanted to buy a few large incense sticks to worship her.

The corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth twitched as she said after ignoring the driver’s unreasonable behavior, “You should be grateful that your ancestors used to do a lot of charity work and accumulated a lot of blessings.

“So, descendants like you also have got a lot of blessings.
However, don’t use this to do bad things, or the blessings may become karma.”

Lu Zijia didn’t tell the driver how she knew it but reminded him instead.

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The driver certainly said “yes” to her constantly but said, “Master, my wife…”

He wasn’t worried about his blessings or whether he could be rich for the rest of his life right now.
Instead, he was thinking about whether his wife could survive her predicament.

Lu Zijia gave him a certain answer this time, “Don’t worry.
Your wife will receive help from a life changer.
She’ll be fine soon.”

It could be said that the driver got this life changer for his wife with his own life.

However, Lu Zijia didn’t say this out loud.

After getting a certain answer, the driver immediately heaved a sigh of relief as he continuously thanked Lu Zijia happily.
Apparently, he was convinced of Lu Zijia’s words.

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