“What are you trying to do? You want to destroy everything so that we have no evidence, right?

“Let me tell you, Wenwen’s face was disfigured because she used the products of your company.
You must take responsibility.
Don’t think that rich people can escape responsibility!”

Shi Yingying spoke first before the parents of the Sun family spoke again, sounding sharp and mean.

Shi Yingying’s behavior not only made the Du brothers frown in displeasure, but also made everyone around look at Shi Yingying with a slightly annoyed gaze.

This wasn’t a small matter.
A little girl who hadn’t even reached adulthood yet not only spoke before her elders, but also spoke so unreasonably.
She had truly bad manners.

After all, the Du brothers had already said that if there was really a problem with their company’s products, they would definitely not shirk the responsibility.

And Shi Yingying’s words apparently ignored what the Du brothers said just then completely.

Du Jinqian ignored Shi Yingying and suggested to the parents of the Sun family, “If the two of you don’t trust us, you can directly give the things to any one of these ten members of the testing team.

“Of course, if you’re still worried, you could choose anyone here.

“By then, just let the members of the testing team extract some samples in front of everyone.
And the members will also do the test in front of all of you.”

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Du Jinqian’s calm style immediately made many people present like him.

The parents of the Sun family, who were originally hesitant because of what Shi Yingying said, also passed the small bag in their hands to the middle-aged man, who was the leader of the testing team, without hesitation.

When Mr.
Sun passed the bag to the middle-aged man, he seemed to want to say something, but Shi Yingying pulled him aside and even shook her head secretly when he looked at her.

Sun looked like he was in a dilemma, but he still shut his mouth tight in the end and didn’t say anything.

Many people present saw the interaction between the two of them, but they didn’t care much.

The middle-aged man was wearing a pair of disposable surgical gloves.
Before Mr.
Sun handed over the small bag, he even raised his hands to the cameras of the reporters, showing that he didn’t hide anything in his hands.

“Supervisor Wang, thank you.” Du Jinqian said to the middle-aged man sincerely.

“It’s alright.
We’ll only announce the results of our test.” Supervisor Wang said solemnly.

What he meant was that he would definitely not bias against either side, nor would he lie.

Du Jinqian smiled gently.
“Of course.
I’m very confident in our company’s products.”

Supervisor Wang didn’t say anything more.
He waved at one of his colleagues behind him and signaled him to ask someone to take down the equipment on the truck.

In order to avoid arousing suspicion, the Du family brothers didn’t ask the security guards of the company to help.
Instead, they asked the people brought by Supervisor Wang to carry down the exquisite equipment one by one.

Fifteen minutes later, several large and small pieces of equipment were finally placed under everyone’s gaze.

Supervisor Wang’s men spent another five minutes checking the equipment.
After confirming that there was no problem, Supervisor Wang put the bag he had been holding high on the platform of an equipment.

However, when Supervisor Wang took out the things in the small bag in front of everyone and opened the small glass bottle with the acne removal solution, his expression suddenly changed.

“Empty? Why is there an empty bottle?”

“Right, didn’t they say that they were going to extract a sample for testing? The bottle is empty.
How are they going to take a sample?”

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