Chapter 66: Treated as a Fraud

Master Dedao was quite famous in the capital city, so many people in Lingde Street knew him.

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As soon as Lu Wanyuan finished talking, dozens of people stepped out of the crowd.

However, there were only two people standing in the front.

One of them was an old lady with gray hair who looked energetic, while the other was a twenty-year-old young man.

“This old lady and this gentleman then.
Which one of you want to go first?”

Lu Wanyuan glanced at the old lady, the young man, and the driver, and she signaled them to discuss which one of them would go first.

Lu Zijia and Master Dedao were already sitting opposite each other and there was a chair between the two tables.

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Lu Zijia’s table had nothing, while a tortoise shell and a copper coin were put on Master Dedao’s table.

Everyone thought Master Dedao looked more like a real warlock no matter what.

“That young lady seems very young.
Does she really know fortune-telling? Why do I feel like she’s not quite reliable?”

While the driver and the others were deciding who would go first, the passersby gathering around to join in the fun couldn’t help but start discussing with each other.

“I agree.
Which of the Taoist masters nowadays isn’t old?

“That young lady is probably a fraud.”

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“Ah, there are really more and more frauds right now.
Those people are so young and able-bodied.
Why come to deceive people instead of keeping their feet on the ground and looking for a job?”

“That’s right.
Young people nowadays are truly lazier.
They only shirk their responsibilities and think about how they can make money as quickly as possible all the time.
They have no idea that they’re ruining their lives.

“That young lady looks quite good.
Why would she be so desperate and go astray?”

“Ah, the young lady doesn’t seem like that kind of person.
Perhaps there’s an unspeakable truth hidden in her mind.

“But it’s still wrong to come and deceive people.
I hope she’ll be a good person in the future after this lesson.”

The passersby around apparently weren’t confident with Lu Zijia.
Some of them even pitied or hated her.

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The talking voices around didn’t lower intentionally, so Lu Zijia and the others, who were surrounded by the crowd, heard everything clearly.

Lu Wanyuan didn’t show an expression on her face, but a glint of viciousness flashed through her eyes.

She had already made a decision.
When Lu Zijia lost, then kowtowed and apologized to Master Dedao, she would find someone to take a video secretly, posting it online to completely damage Lu Zijia’s reputation.

By then, she would see if Lu Zijia still had the nerve to stay in the capital!

Lu Zijia seemed to sense something.
She glanced at Lu Wanyuan with a faint smile and happened to meet Lu Wanyuan’s evil gaze that she couldn’t tone down in time.

Being discovered by Lu Zijia all of a sudden, Lu Wanyuan was slightly panicked and she subconsciously looked away.

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When Lu Wanyuan reacted, she realized that her reaction was inappropriate, but it would seem too intentional if she tried to save the situation, so she could only pretend that nothing had happened.

“We’ve made a decision.
I’ll go first,” the driver said, interrupting the discussions and immediately catching everyone’s attention.

As soon as the driver finished talking, he directly sat down excitedly, facing Lu Zijia with Master Dedao behind him.

Before the driver said anything, he first put his hands together and bowed to Lu Zijia, looking very sincere.

Lu Zijia, “….”

This driver really treated her as a living immortal.
He was addicted to worshipping her!

“Master, please, I want to…”

After worshipping the living immortal, the driver asked about things he wanted to know.

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