“Yan Qing, that’s enough! You’ve been against me all the time since the beginning.
Are you my man or the dog of the Du family?

“Let me tell you, Yan Qing, with Guo’s Beauty, the capital can definitely not have the Du family’s stupid Three Treasures.

“If you dare to dishearten me again, get out of Guo’s Beauty and the Guo family immediately!”

Even when facing her husband, Guo Qianhe was very domineering and had no intention of giving her husband dignity at all.

Yan Qing seemed to be used to being treated like this.
After sighing and shaking his head, he left the office quietly.

“What a loser! Why did I fall for such a man back then?”

After Yan Qing left the president’s office, Guo Qianhe’s anger didn’t diminish, but became even stronger.

“Mom, that’s Dad after all.
You should give him some dignity outside.” Hearing his mother scold his father, Guo Zhongtian couldn’t bear it and he persuaded her.

Guo Qianhe glanced at her son with dissatisfaction.
“He’s just a loser.
Am I wrong?

“For so many years, he hasn’t done anything successful and he’s always slowed us down.
Am I wrong about him?

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“Forget it, let’s not talk about that loser.
There can’t be any more mistakes next.
You must deal with it for me.
I’m definitely going to acquire Three Treasures!”

Guo Qianhe immediately told Guo Zhongtian the plan and reminded him several times to be careful.

After hearing that, Guo Zhongtian expressed that he understood, but he kept feeling anxious for some reason.

So, he couldn’t help but ask worriedly, “Mom, what if it fails?”

Guo Qianhe’s originally better expression immediately became sullen again.
“When did you become like that good-for-nothing father of yours, saying such discouraging things?”

“I’m not being disheartened.
I just think it’s better to prepare a way out for ourselves just in case.” Guo Zhongtian defended himself.

Hearing that, Guo Qianhe’s expression became a bit better.
“You’re right to think so, but I’ve already thought of what you did.
I’ve already given those people who know about it a sum of money.
They should have already gone to the airport by now.

“Even if things fail, Guo’s Beauty will definitely not suffer any losses.”

“Mom is so wise.”

Guo Zhongtian heaved a sigh of relief and said.
He immediately got up and left the president’s office to arrange what to do next.

At Three Treasures.

“Jiajia, are you alright?”

As soon as the elevator door opened, Du Jinqian and his brother, who had been waiting for a long time, asked worriedly.

Lu Zijia smiled.
“I’m fine.
Those people can’t beat me even if they gang up on me.”

Du Jinqian and his brother: “…” When did their niece become so fierce? She looked so gentle and weak.

The contrast was simply too great!

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However, it was good that their niece was fine.
They didn’t intend to tell Lu Zijia about it at first, in case she was worried.

Unexpectedly, Lu Zijia still knew about it even though they didn’t tell her.
She even rushed over immediately.

This warmed the hearts of Du Jinqian and his brother, but also made them feel a bit useless as uncles.

What happened to the skincare products before had already given Jiajia enough trouble.
Now that something happened to the company and they had to trouble Jiajia to help them again, they really doubted their ability.

“Uncles, are you sure that the skincare products produced are all fine?” Lu Zijia asked seriously after sitting down in the general manager’s office.

It wasn’t that she didn’t believe in the moral standing of her two uncles, but she wanted to make sure, in case something went wrong when the victim came for verification.

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