Lu Zijia ignored the anger of the people around her.
She looked at the long-haired female reporter with a mocking gaze and said word by word, “If you didn’t buy them, why should I give you an explanation?

“Are you… thinking too highly of yourself?”

Some people liked to gain benefits for themselves in the name of justice.

Such people were the most disgusting.

Hearing what Lu Zijia said, the long-haired female reporter immediately looked embarrassed.

“Aren’t you being too irresponsible? We’re here to seek justice for that girl.
You should give us an explanation!”

The long-haired reporter said righteously, as if she was so just and selfless.


Lu Zijia sneered.
“So, let me ask you.
What’s your relationship with the victim? What’s the name of the victim? How old is she? Where is she from? What school is she studying at? How’s her grades? How’s her family? How’s her health?”

After Lu Zijia asked a series of questions, the long-haired female reporter’s face flushed as she gritted her teeth and refuted, “I’m not a private detective.
How would I possibly know so much?

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“Besides, it has nothing to do with this at all.
Don’t think about changing the subject and confusing us!”

Lu Zijia looked confused.
“Didn’t you promise to seek justice for the victim?

“You don’t even know the basic situation of the victim.
Aren’t you a little unqualified to be the righteous person who seeks justice for the victim?”

What Lu Zijia said made the long-haired female reporter speechless for a second.
She immediately thought about how to refute Lu Zijia anxiously.

And those people around who were enraged couldn’t help looking at the long-haired female reporter after hearing what Lu Zijia said.

“What Master Lu said seems to be right.
I remember that this reporter seemed to be the one who started this.

“If she’s the one who took the lead to seek justice for the victim, there’s no way she doesn’t know the basic situation of the victim, right?”

“Yeah, shouldn’t she only seek justice for the victim after investigating the situation? She was so confident before.
I thought she knew the situation of the victim clearly!”

“But the photos and video of the victim are out.
It can’t be fake, right?”

“Right, there’s already a video to prove that it’s definitely not fake.
The victim is just a teenage girl.
She can’t possibly ruin her face on purpose to frame Three Treasures.”

“Right, we’re here to protest against Three Treasures and ask them to give us an explanation.
We can’t let Master Lu go in.”

Hearing the commotion of people around, Lu Zijia didn’t explain much.
She said to the long-haired female reporter again, “Which newspaper are you from? There are so many reporters here.
Do they know you?”

As soon as Lu Zijia said this, the other reporters looked at the long-haired female reporter reflexively.
After a while, they shook their heads faintly, indicating that they didn’t know this long-haired female reporter.

After what Lu Zijia said, the long-haired female reporter’s expression changed slightly and a touch of panic flashed through her eyes.

However, she soon calmed down again.
“I’m a new reporter, not a senior reporter.
What’s wrong with my peers not knowing me?”


Lu Zijia tilted her head and stared at her face for a while.
“You called me Master Lu just then.
You should know another identity of mine, right?”

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