There were a lot of reporters and people who were protesting against Three Treasures downstairs.

“Three Treasures is utterly heartless.
They actually sell trashy skincare products.
They’re simply killing us!”

“Three Treasures has really gone too far.
That girl is only in her teens and she’s already disfigured at such a young age.
Three Treasures is really sinful!”

“Right, aren’t they afraid of being struck by lightning when they head out?”

“The products of Three Treasures have already ruined people’s faces last time.
I didn’t believe it at first, but now it seems that it’s indeed true.
Three Treasures is really too immoral!”

“Right, right, I was tempted when I heard that Three Treasures produced such good skincare products.

“Luckily, I didn’t buy them because of the incident of Three Treasures before.
Otherwise, I would also be disfigured right now.”

“You’re indeed luckier than that girl.
Unfortunately, that girl is unlucky.
I saw that photo and her entire face was ruined.
She’s truly pitiful.”

“No one from Three Treasures has stepped forward to give an explanation after such a long time.
I think they must be feeling guilty.
Don’t you think so, guys?”

“Right, they must be feeling guilty.
Otherwise, why would they not give people an explanation?”

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“Don’t let Three Treasures go this time.
We must boycott them together and make Three Treasures disappear from the capital completely!”

“Yeah, a company that ruins people’s lives should disappear forever and shouldn’t exist.
Let’s boycott them together!”

“Boycott! Boycott! Get Three Treasures out of the capital.
Three Treasures has no conscience and must pay the price for this.
We must seek justice for that poor girl!”

“That’s right! Three Treasures must give the girl justice!”

When Lu Zijia arrived at the building of Three Treasures, what she saw was such an emotional crowd.

“Madame, why don’t I drive the car to the underground parking lot of Three Treasures?” The driver couldn’t help asking when he saw this.

Lu Zijia shook her head.

Those reporters were everywhere and there were so many people at the door.
There would definitely be reporters waiting at the parking lot as well.

Before the driver said anything, Lu Zijia opened the door calmly and got out of the car.

Even though those reporters were blocking the entrance of Three Treasures, their eyes kept looking around, as if they were afraid that they would miss something huge.

So, when Lu Zijia got out of the car and showed up, many reporters noticed her.

“Hey, do you think she looks like someone? Oh right, Master Lu, the Master Lu who helped Ye Nanxi expose the extortion and slander not long ago.”

“That’s right! It’s her!”

“I remember Ye Nanxi said that she was the one who developed Three Treasures’ new products.”

“Hurry, hurry, get over there!”

Lu Zijia was thinking about how to get past the crowd of people and enter Three Treasures quietly, but she saw a lot of journalists with recording pens or video recorders rushing towards her.

“Master Lu, Ye Nanxi said that you developed Three Treasures’ new skincare products.
You didn’t seem to deny it at that time.
I wonder if it’s true?”

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“Master Lu, are you related to the person in charge of Three Treasures?”

“Master Lu, someone’s face was ruined after using your products.
What do you think about this?”

“Right, Master Lu, you’re the developer after all.
Shouldn’t you give us an explanation?”

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