Taoist Mu Qing didn’t disturb her when she refined elixirs these two days and even encouraged her to refine more.
This made her have an unknown bad feeling.

However, because it was always good to refine more pills, she also made one more batch every day.

As for the rest of the time, she would cultivate or draw talismans.
After all, she had to increase her strength evenly, right?

“Only you know me well, little girl.” Taoist Mu Qing looked very satisfied and proud.

Lu Zijia: “…” She didn’t want to know at all, really!

Ever since Taoist Mu Qing came here, nothing good happened every time he came to find her.
She was about to become reflexive right now!

“Master, if you’re not in a hurry, I’ll go upstairs first.
Ah Yan looked for me before and said he had something very important to tell me.
I have to go quickly.”

Lu Zijia said as she was about to slip away, but Taoist Mu Qing stopped her.

Lu Zijia: “…” The plan to slip away failed.
She truly got off on the wrong foot!

“Why are you in such a hurry, girl? You’re with that boy almost every day.
When can you not talk to him?”

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Taoist Mu Qing looked like he expected better from her, as if Lu Zijia was not doing her job when she was with Mu Tianyan.

In fact, Lu Zijia wanted to say that a single man like her master wouldn’t understand the feeling of being with the person she loved.

Of course, she didn’t dare to say this out loud.

After all, with Taoist Mu Qing’s current Martial Arts level, she would probably be slapped on the wall and wouldn’t be able to get out no matter what.

“Ahem, actually, it isn’t really important.
It’s just that I said I would help you sell the pills before, right? It’s almost done now.
I just need more pills.”

When Taoist Mu Qing said that he only needed more pills, his old face looked a bit unnatural.

Lu Zijia tilted her head.
“Master, haven’t I already given you some pills before?”

She gave him a total of ten pills back then.
Together with the six pills she originally wanted to send out, there were a total of 16 pills.

Even if Taoist Mu Qing was addicted to drugs, he wouldn’t have finished them so quickly, would she?

Taoist Mu Qing, who already had a slightly unnatural expression, immediately became even more unnatural.
“I have just a little bit of pills.
How can it be enough? You just need to give me more pills.

“Don’t worry.
I’ll definitely dig up everything in those old guys’ underwear for you when the time comes.”

Lu Zijia: “…” Why did he have to dig up everything in their underwear for her? Shouldn’t he be digging up everything in their pockets instead?

So, Lu Zijia gave him 30 more pills, 20 Vitality Pills and 10 Xuanyun Pills.


“Ah Yan, your master hollowed me out again.”

After entering Mu Tianyan’s room, Lu Zijia threw herself on the couch with a bitter look.

Mu Tianyan came in from the balcony.
He couldn’t help but find it funny when he saw her miserable and devastated look.

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“What happened?”

Mu Tianyan walked over, sat down next to her and caressed her long, smooth hair with his slender hand.

“I originally intended to send out the pills I finally refined, but Master took them away again.”

Lu Zijia arched her body like a silkworm baby and lay on the couch with her head on her man’s thigh.
“Now, I can only tell the customer that the delivery is delayed.”

The customer who ordered 100 pills at once this time was still the regular customer from before.

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