“That’s right, Those are Vitality Pills.
Even though the medicinal fragrance is a bit different, I definitely won’t be mistaken! Besides, the kid is fine after taking it, so there’s definitely no problem.”

“Five Vitality Pills only cost 2.5 million.
This is totally no different from picking them from the ground!”

“We’ll be rich, we’ll be rich! The Zhang family is going to be rich! Hurry, hurry, kid, go make another order.
If someone else buys them, we’ll suffer huge losses!”

“Hey, wait! Why is there one more pill? And it seems different from the other five Vitality Pills.”

“Huh? Did they accidentally put another pill inside? But what pill is this?”

“It smells like the Xuanji Pill.
However, when the kid made the order, he only ordered Vitality Pills.
Why is there a Xuanji Pill?”

“Are you dumb? Isn’t it good to have more? If you don’t want this pill, I’ll take it.”

“F*ck you.
Why didn’t you tell me to just go to heaven?”

“It’s for free.
The owner said I was the first customer and I bought five pills at once, so she gave me a Xuanyun Pill for free.

“The effects of the Xuanyun Pill are the same as that of the Xuanji Pill, but better.”

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While the elders were having a heated discussion, Zhang Munian, who was ignored, squatted down and took out a piece of paper from the box that was thrown on the ground.
He looked at it and said.

“Xuanyun Pill? Really?”

The Second Elder grabbed the piece of paper in Zhang Munian’s hand and looked at it carefully.
“Buy five get one free only this time.
There won’t be another time.
Ah, we should have ordered more.”

Zhang Munian: “…” He had already persuaded them to buy more before, but these old fellows all said that it was better to be careful and they only believed what they saw.

And now, they regretted it, right? They deserved it!

“If the Vitality Pills are real, this Xuanyun Pill shouldn’t be fake.
If you’re worried, I can test it for you myself.”

After the Fourth Elder finished talking, he didn’t wait for everyone to react.
He reached out and grabbed the Xuanyun Pill in the small box and put it into his mouth.

“Damn! You bastard, shut up!”

“F*ck you! If you dare to eat it, I’ll never let you go!”

“You bastard, shut up!!!”

Zhang Herong and Zhang Muyuan: “!!!” Should they take the opportunity to snatch a pill too?

Before Zhang Herong and Zhang Muyuan could make a move, Zhang Munian, who saw the opportunity on the side, quietly and quickly reached out his hand.
After taking one Vitality Pill, he escaped back to his room.

“Kid, you little bastard, come back here!”

“Kid, you brat, how dare you snatch a pill from me? How dare you!”

“Bastard! Do you know how to respect the elders? How dare you snatch a pill from a bunch of old men.
What a bastard!”

Zhang Muyuan: “…” Didn’t these four elders all refuse to admit that they were old in the past? They took the initiative to admit that they were old for the sake of pills today.
They were truly… too shameless!

Zhang Herong: “…” He was that bastard’s father, alright? When did his bastard son become so popular?

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At the Mu family.

“Little girl…”

Lu Zijia, who had just come out of the alchemy room, ran into Taoist Mu Qing, who was smiling like a big bad wolf.

Lu Zijia took a step back subconsciously with a vigilant look.
“Master, what’s wrong?”

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