Didn’t they say that shopping online would sap his spirit and that he was becoming bad? Why were they becoming bad with him now?

Damn, could they not learn bad things from him? He was almost overwhelmed!

The leader of the Zhang family, Zhang Herong, and the eldest son of the Zhang family, Zhang Muyuan, were sitting calmly on the side.
They had no intention of saving their son and brother at all.
Of course, they would only be considered calm if their gazes that were glancing at the door from time to time were ignored.

“It’s arrived.”

Someone shouted and the four elders, who were originally surrounding Zhang Munian and urging him, immediately rushed to the door, looking like there was gold for them to pick up.

Seeing the people around him leave, Zhang Munian immediately felt like he finally survived.

For his pocket money, he really suffered too much this time.
Perhaps, he could ask his father for compensation for mental damage?

Thinking of this, Zhang Munian’s eyes immediately brightened.
However, when he looked at the main seat, he found that it was empty.
There was no one there at all!

He turned around and saw that he was running after the four elders, so was his big brother, who always pretended to be calm!

Damn! He was so calm and nonchalant before, but he still showed her colors in the end!

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Zhang Munian complained about his father and brother crazily in his mind as he ran after them.

They had already agreed before he bought the pills that he would get one of them.
He must not let those shameless guys snatch it away!

“Why? Why? Are the pills here?”

When Zhang Munian ran up, the Great Elder was already opening the package that was only the size of a palm.

Perhaps because the Great Elder was afraid that the pills inside would be damaged, he opened it very carefully, which made the few people at the side wish they could snatch it and open it themselves.

However, because of the other party’s identity and they were afraid that the pills would really be damaged, they could only bear it anxiously.

“It’s really the pills.
The pill delivered here before was put in such a box.”

After the Great Elder opened the box outside and exposed the small wooden box inside, Zhang Munian immediately said with excitement.

When the others heard that, their breaths immediately sped up.
They stared at the wooden box like a hungry wolf seeing a big piece of meat.

The Great Elder’s hands that were holding the small wooden box were trembling a bit.

In fact, they already knew that there were pills inside without Zhang Munian asking.

So, after opening the cardboard box, they could already smell the strong medicinal fragrance!

“Great Elder, open it!”

Seeing that the Great Elder still hadn’t opened the box after so long, Zhang Munian couldn’t help reaching out to take it and open it himself.

However, before his hand touched the wooden box, his father slapped his hand away.

Seeing the back of his hand that quickly turned red, Zhang Munian: “!!!” Was he really his father?

“Kid, why are you so impatient? If the pills are damaged, even selling you won’t cover the losses.”

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After glaring at his second son in disappointment, Zhang Herong looked at the small wooden box again.

It seemed that the wooden box was much more valuable than his second son in his eyes.

Zhang Munian, who was despised by his own father: “!!!” Could they still be father and son?

Also, he paid for the pills.
Even though he didn’t pay for it, he still contributed!

And now, his father was actually despising him, this hero.
He had totally… gone too far!

“Vitality Pills! These are truly Vitality Pills!”

While Zhang Munian was suffering a huge blow and was complaining about his father crazily in his mind, the Great Elder finally opened the small wooden box and exposed the six round brown pills inside.

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