“Right, the masters have been rushing me since three days ago.
They’re really giving me a headache.”

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“Right, we don’t deliver the package.
It’s useless for them to rush us!”

“Ah, there’s nothing we can do about it.
They’re the elders and masters.
We can only tolerate it.”

“Speaking of which, what exactly is the delivery that makes the elders think about it so much?”

“Yeah, don’t those elders always say that shopping online saps one’s spirit? Why are they shopping online now? Is the charm of online shopping too great after all?”

“There’s something you don’t know.
I heard that our Second Master bought a Vitality Pill online.
The elders are skeptical right now and are waiting for the delivery!”

“Bought a Vitality Pill online? How is that possible?”

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“Right, Vitality Pills are precious pills that are hard to find.
How could he possibly get one online? Do you think pills are cabbages?”

“Right, right, I almost believed you!”

Seeing that none of them believed him, the disciple who said the Second Master bought a pill online couldn’t help feeling a bit frustrated.

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“I only heard about it.
Perhaps this is true.
Otherwise, why would those elders be waiting for delivery?”

The other disciples were about to refute him when they heard the sound of the tricycle coming from afar.

The few disciples, who were originally sitting in a circle, suddenly stood up and immediately ran towards the tricycle that was driving towards the area like it was a race.

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They looked like they wished their parents had given them more legs.

“F*ck! I’m on duty today.
Why are you fighting over the place? Get out of here!”

Even if they couldn’t get any benefits from working for the elders, they could still make the elders remember them.
Nobody wanted to let go of such a great job.

“Heh, if you’re on duty, so be it.
Our family doesn’t have a rule that says those who aren’t on duty can’t help deliver the package.”

“That’s right, that’s right.
It’s fine if you don’t thank us for helping you, but you even asked us to get out of here.
You’re really ungrateful! You can’t be like this.”

“Right, right, right, we’re all disciples of the same family.
It’s only right for us to help each other.
You’ve been on duty for so long today, so you should be tired already.
You should go and rest quickly.
I’ll just suffer a bit and be on duty for you today.”

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“Suffer a bit? Suffer your ass! Why have I never seen you helping me before? You’re a bunch of bastards!”

The few disciples ran and made a lot of noise along the way.
In the end, the disciple who told the others about buying pills online got the package and ran up the mountain crazily.

There were a few more people behind that disciple.
As long as they hadn’t reached the mansion, they still had a chance.
They couldn’t give up just like that.
Go, go, go!!!

It was bustling at the foot of the mountain and so was in the mansion on the mountain.

Of course, it was a different lively scene.

“Kid, check if the delivery is here yet.
It’s been more than an hour and there’s still no sign of it!”

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“That’s right, kid, urge them for the delivery quickly.”

“Just tell them that if they can’t deliver it within half an hour, we’ll file a complaint to the courier company.”

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Zhang Munian, who had already been forced to make countless calls and was even blacklisted by the delivery man, looked at the four old people around him and couldn’t help feeling like crying.

Damn, in these three days, he had been pestered by these elders from morning to night.
He was about to have a meltdown!

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